1. I feel so bad for your kitty struggles! It’s hard getting cats used to a new routine. We are moving 1,500 miles away next week and our kitties sense change a-coming. 😉 Both are allowed on the bed but both are now waking us up at random hours because they want attention. Our 12 year old cat tries to herd us to bed if she thinks we’re up too late and mews in our ears in the middle of the night because she decided she wants cuddles. We’ve tolerated it because their environment is changing every single day as we pack and get rid of furniture. But they are going to have to adjust once we reach Seattle! lol. Poor kitties… so used to routine and so resistant to change…

    • I know our cat can sense a change as well. He is so needy for attention right now and it makes me a little nervous to see what he is going to be like when the baby arrives and we won’t be able to give him as much attention. Currently our plan is to have Neil spend as much time with him as possible when the baby gets home since I will most likely be holding the baby the most due to breastfeeding.

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