Edith has finally started to really focus in on different things and boy is she determined to get them.  She reaches and stretches, rolls and wiggles her way until she finally gets her hand on whatever she is after.  The other day my mom and I sat in my living room watching as Edith worked so hard to get her pacifier (which she hates to suck on but loves to play with).  She stretched and stretched and wiggled her little body grunting and inching herself closer and closer to it and finally victoriously reaching it

Yesterday I spent a good 20 minutes on our bedroom floor with her has she pushed my iphone around reaching for it and then pushing it away and then wiggling to it, retrieving and pushing away again.  It is really amazing to me how much she is developing and it is so much fun to watch.

(As I am writing this she is wiggling, rolling and grunting her way along the living room floor trying to get the TV remote.)


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