Edith Months 5 & 6

Did you notice that I forgot to do a 5 month update for Edith? Well month 5 was spent trying to figure out moving ourselves across the country so by the time I was ready to sit down to write the post Edith was almost 6 months. Then the holidays came and then we moved and time seemed to just slip away. So let’s recap (what I can remember) of the months 5 and 6 (in no particular order):


  • On Edith’s 6 month birthday we flew 3,000 miles across the country to our new home in Portland.
  • Edith finally learned to roll both directions and that’s when she became a rolling machine.
  • Edith learned to plank and then get up on her knees.
  • We started to experience separation anxiety (not fun and more on that from Neil in another post).
  • We celebrated our first holiday as a family and let me tell you it was pretty overwhelming.
  • Tried solids for the first time on January 3rd – 6 days before her 6 month birthday. She is still nursing 7-9 times per day but is loving solid food.
  • Likes: Chewing on things, rolling, being outside, Standing, taking showers with mom, reading books with dad
  • Dislikes: Riding in the car, sleeping in her pack ‘n play all night
  • Wearing: 3-6 month, some 0-3 month (not much).

I packed E’s monthly stickers so 5 or 6 month sticker photos!








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