I miss sleeping. part 2.

Remember back in September when I wrote about missing sleep? Well shortly after that things improved and in November when Edith was four months we transitioned her to her crib in her own room and that’s when things got good and we ALL got better sleep. Well fast forward 2.5 months later and things are on the brink of terrible.


In December we moved all of our things so starting about a month ago Edith started sleeping in her pack n’ play in our room and things were okay when we were still in VT although not wonderful and then we moved to Oregon.  Sleeping has been almost terrible. Edith has been sleeping in her pack ‘n play however she ends up spending more time in our bed because she wants to nurse all. night. long.

Last night we tried to put her in her crib (which finally arrived with some screws missing) and again she spent 70% of the night in our bed. On top of everything she doesn’t seem to be getting enough sleep and often wakes up in the morning fussy. Neil has had to rock and sway her back to sleep and let her sleep on him these past three days. At first I blamed it on the time change. Then I blamed it on the six month growth spurt. Then I blamed it on the new surroundings.

Now I’m at a loss. We have been here going on three weeks and it seems that she has adjusted to the time change and the growth spurt has passed. She is still trying to get used to her new room but that’s about all I can think of that is causing Edith not to sleep well.

Oh and did I mention that she suddenly wants to stay up later? Our baby who wanted to be in bed at 6:30pm now is up until closer to 8pm and some nights as late as 10pm. She just won’t settle.

I’m at a bit of a loss. We are going to try and not allow her back in our bed at night so we can encourage her to get used to her room.  This is going to be exhausting for us if she wakes up a ton but fingers crossed she’ll get back to her normal sleep schedule and we can go back to feeling rested.



  1. hey! I hear ya I blamed Wes’s 2 hr feeds on his 3 month growth spurt….for over a month. We have started being a bit tougher with him. We do let him cry a bit now, up to 20min though he has never went that long. It seems like he just struggles with that 45min/1:30hr awakeneing stage. He doesnt need to eat but he wakes himself up and cant get back to sleep. So we are being a bit tough and just waiting to see what he does. Most of the time he cries for less than 5min and is back to sleep. And it sounds like she is overtired at night. Maybe try a early bedtime, first sign of tiredness anytime after like 5:30 and off to bed they go. I try things for 4 days at a time too just to see….its all so crazy isnt it?! Best of luck 🙂

    • Sleep has been getting a little better for us (as I type this I am probably jinxing myself) and Edith even slept 6.5 hours in a row last night. We are really working on our bedtime routine and hoping that helps her to calm down and go to sleep at night. Everyday gets a little better.

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