Mastering the Art of Crawling

In only a few short days Edith went from army crawling to full fledged crawling. She is only going a few paces and then going down to her tummy and army crawling some but she has finally (started) to master the art of crawling. Along with the crawling has come sitting up straight on her own and pulling herself up (eek), which means climbing isn’t too far behind.


It is amazing to see her change and develop every day. I never really understood why parents got so excited about things like crawling, I really always thought um isn’t that what babies are supposed to do? Now that I’m a parent and am seeing these developments happen right before my eyes I finally understand that it IS exciting! Everyday is a new adventure and I look forward to see what she masters next.


  1. mom

    She is changing so much since I left. We miss her and love the pictures. Dad gets
    excited to see pictures. Says oh isn’t she so sweet. Watch out here she comes and
    will be getting into everything. Love you

  2. Emma MacDonald

    Go Edie! I can’t imagine how exciting it must be. Dexter finally understood what a ball was the other day and I was on the verge of tears so can’t imagine it for a child lol. Hope you guys are settling in nicely 🙂

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