Pregnancy Ups and Downs


  • Water spots.  It seems this week that someone at work has enjoyed leaving a watery mess on the sink, allowing the water to drip off the edge.  Now that my belly is so huge, I have to lean in a little further to reach the knobs which has resulted in a watery mess all over the front of my shirt. Tip: If you spill water all over the counter make sure you wipe it up!
  • Lack of food options.  We found out this week that although the food is supposed to be good at the hospital/birth center, that unfortunately the vegan options are limited.  Anyone else experience this issue? Also unfortunately the town is really small and the take-out options are just as limited. I guess we will have to plan on bringing meals with us!


  • Laundry done.  We finished (almost) all of the baby laundry including sheets, baby carriers, and other baby gear.
  • Touring. We were FINALLY able to tour the birth center! We have been trying to find time for the past two months to tour the birth center. However, between our busy schedules, the distance away from the birth center (we’re 75 minutes away) and then how busy the birth center has been lately we haven’t been able to tour.  On Friday, we had our 36 week appointment and so I called in the morning to see if we could tour before our appointment and they finally said yes! We were so excited and we’ll tell you more about the birth center in a later post.

Creating A Baby Registry

When it came to creating our registry I must have created, deleted and re-created our registry at least four times before finally settling on items we really wanted/needed. At first I just went by what I liked and then I started to do more and more research.  Reading tons of blog posts and recommendations from other parents which caused me to re-think what we should register for. Finally we decided what to register for and set up an Amazon Universal Baby Registry and a Babies “R” Us registry (they do online registries which are also available at the store for those family members who aren’t comfortable with the internet).  Below we’ll share some tips for creating your registries and examples of items on our registry.


  • Use a universal registry – Amazon is great, but sometimes you can get products elsewhere.  Amazon’s universal baby registry allows you to add items from any website as well as items from Amazon.  Amazon is also a great option, because you can get the gift cards at just about any grocery store these days.  This allows those not comfortable with shopping online to give you something you really want.
  • Create a We’re Expecting Website/Blog and under the registry category make note of things that you would really like–> example: “Items that we really need: Seventh Generation Wipes, California Baby Products, Cloth Diapers (Bum Genius, Applecheeks, Fuzzibunz, Charlie Banana or Bummis), gift cards for baby clothes (since the gender is being kept a secret) and anything organic or Eco-friendly would be great! If you live in the Burlington Area, Butter Noodles in Williston has a number of the items on the Amazon Baby Registry.”
  • Make changes as necessary. We used our registry as a reminder list and if we found and item on our list for a good deal on BabySteals, EcoBabyBuys or Craigslist we just removed the item- it is nice to hope that someone will gift you something but if you really want it don’t hold back on buying the item, especially if its a good deal.
  • Don’t be afraid to register for big ticket items.  Many times a few people will go in on one more expensive gift such as a  car seat, stroller, or cloth diaper kits.
  • Don’t register for clothes, receiving blankets or burp cloths.  People are going to give you these items anyway and if you don’t they are easy to purchase on your own over time.
  • Register for items you REALLY need.  It is easy to get overwhelmed with all the options out there and it is easy to overload on all the cute baby items out there but make sure you really focus in on the items you need and avoid the novelty items.
  • Don’t be afraid to encourage people to only buy from the list – While your loved ones have good intentions, you’ve created this baby registry to be full of things that you and your partner want for your baby.  Encouraging family and friends to buy from the list helps you ensure you are not getting too much of a good thing.


Examples of What We Registered For

Feeding Gear:

Bath Gear:

Changing Gear:

Travel Gear:



What are your baby registry tips?

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10 Must-Dos Before Labor

I just received an e-mail in my inbox from informing me of the 10 must-dos before labor. Now, we already have a list of our own but I was curious to see what they had to say. Here are their 10 must-dos:

  1. Take a birthing class. This we have already done.  We took a birthing class, a couples yoga for labor and birth class, a natural baby care class and a breastfeeding class.
  2. See a movie. This is on our list to do especially since we have a few passes that we need to use up! Now what should we go see?
  3. Know the breastfeeding basics. As I mentioned above we took a breastfeeding class and we also briefly talked about breastfeeding in our natural baby care class.
  4. Pack your hospital bag. This is something we still need to do and it is on the agenda to do this weekend. What did you pack in your bag?
  5. Program important numbers into your phone — and your partner’s phone. This is something I was just telling Neil that we need to do, he needs to add our doulas number and our placenta encapsulation persons (not sure the technical name) number into his phone. We both already have all the birthing center and midwife numbers in our phones.
  6. Freeze some meals, or round up takeout menus. We haven’t done this at all yet.  I planned on picking up some easy frozen options at the grocery store soon, such as veggie burgers, sweet potato fries, frozen veggies, etc.  We also have a CSA that starts next week so we will have lots of fresh veggies to make up salads and quick meals.  We did stock up on almond butter and quinoa on our last Costco trip which are both great to have on hand.  What are your favorite meals to freeze?
  7. Get a crib and wash the sheet.  Well we have the crib and it’s been set up for awhile.  We also have a pack n’ play which will be set up in our room and likely used at night for the first few months. I spent all evening  yesterday washing baby clothes and baby accessories.
  8. Install the car seat. Another thing that needs to be done.  This weekend we are planning to clean out the car and give it a good vacuuming, etc. and then we will be ready to install the car seat.
  9. Make a labor playlist. We started thinking about this last week but I haven’t worked on it much lately.  This is on my list of things to do as well as finding a good set of speakers to bring with us since our birth center only has a CD player not an mp3 hookup.
  10. Read a novel. Honestly I don’t know if this is going to be possible in the next four weeks to do.  I have a number of parenting/baby books I want to read but no specific novels right now.

What is on your list of things to do before labor? In addition to those listed above we also want to get the house as organized and clean as possible, work on a number of blog posts and find time to do a few more “just the two of us” things.