Busy Mom Snacks Featuring LARABAR

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Playdates, nature walks, gymnastics class, swimming lessons the list can go on and on. What can I say being a parent of two little ones keeps me busy. Often I find myself “forgetting to eat” and trying to fit in bites of a meal when I can and sometimes the only really substantial meal I get in the day is when we all sit down to eat dinner together. But, mama needs her fuel. So, to keep me going during the day I rely on quick and healthy snacks to provide me with the boost of energy I need.

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Instead of turning to crackers, cookies and other less than healthy snacks I try to eat as clean as possible. I prefer my foods vegan and I avoid foods with artificial ingredients, added sugars and colorings. For me the easiest snacks are fresh fruit, pre-cut veggies, nuts and seeds and my favorite snack – LARABARs. LARABARs taste great, are an easy and healthy vegan option and I love that they are free of added sugars, artificial ingredients and preservatives. LARABARs are also gluten-free and kosher and are non-GMO!

LARABARs are easy to throw in my purse or diaper bag and I also keep them in a basket on our snack shelf. They are a super easy and delicious snack I can just grab and eat while I wrangle children or snack on when we are out having fun together. I even enjoy them for breakfast on the go sometimes with a cup of coffee and a banana.

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I have been eating LARABARs since long before I had kids because kids or no kids LARABARs are great for those on the go. They taste great, are an easy and healthy vegan option and I love that they are free of added sugars, artificial ingredients and preservatives. I remember the days when they only had apple pie, cherry pie and lemon bar. Now with such a wide selection of flavors, my gotos are cashew cookie and pecan pie. Although, lately I have been stocking up on the seasonal snickerdoodle flavor. I’m sad it’s only seasonal. I’m also looking forward to trying the seasonal gingerbread LARABAR because that sounds like perfect fit for holiday snacks and our littles ones’ stockings

What are your favorite healthy portable snacks? Do you or your kids have a favorite LARABAR flavor? We love to grab a few LARABARs, a few bananas or tangerines and a chia squeeze packet whenever we head out for a playdate, nature walk or class.

LARABAR_logo[1]At LARABAR®, we believe that the foundation of a sound mind, body and spirit is derived from what you eat – and what you eat is most delicious and satisfying when it’s in a whole, natural state.

Spontaneous Seattle Trip + OXOTot


Hello from Seattle friends! Alder, Edith and I took a spontaneous trip up to Seattle to stay with our friends from Germany who are here housesitting. It is the first trip I have taken by myself with the kids but luckily Neil took the bus up on Friday after work so we could see a bit of Seattle together and so I would have a driving partner.

Luckily OXO Tot sent us a few goodies that have made our road trip a bit easier.

First up is this travel potty. I know you’re thinking wow Edith is finally out of diapers! Nope she is still all about the diapers and we don’t push it (that’s for another post) but she does have an interest to go on the potty sometimes especially since her friends do/are starting to. That being said she will randomly request to use the potty so it has been a lifesaver to have this super easy travel potty. Plus it folds up and can be used as a seat cover if she wants to use the “big potty” somewhere.OXOTot

Next up is this OXOtot On-The-Go Wipes dispenser. Seriously it makes carrying wipes so much easier and they don’t get all dried out. We just keep ours in our car diaper station and it’s been perfect.


Oh and I can’t forget the to go cup with cover. Edith and Alder love their snacks so of course we have to pack like a million of them for road trips and this container makes it easy to keep their snacks available but also not have a huge mess in their carseats.

We actually came up to Seattle to help a friend out so we haven’t been doing many Seattle things. We have been cooking, walking the dog, a bit of cleaning, and playing. Today is our last day and with Neil finally here we might try and get in a few fun Seattle things (TBD). What are your travel essentials? What are your favorite Seattle things to do?


*Disclaimer: While OXO Tot was kind enough to send us these items we did not receive any additional compensation for writing this post. If you have been following us for awhile you know we are huge OXO Tot fans.

Our Approach to Solids: Before the Real Eating

I am finally posting about how we are currently approaching solids with Edith, aren’t you excited? However, before I get right into the solids part I thought I should probably first explain how we started solids before any real food came into play.

Months 0-2.5

When Edith was first born Neil and I were eating most of our meals on the couch with Edith either in the swing, the Boppy lounger or in her bouncy chair. This worked pretty well for us and we ate dinner at our usually (early) time of about 5:30/6pm. However over time Edith decided that sitting in our arms was more fun than sitting in one of her chairs.IMG_2849

Months 2.5-4

We decided to put Edith to bed before we ate so that we could eat with free arms and have a little adult time together. We ended up not eating dinner until closer to 8pm which was a on the late side for us, especially me because I was ready for bed by 9pm.


Months 4-6

This is when things started to really change in how we decided to eat. Neil and I decided that 8pm was way too late for us to be eating dinner because of how close to bed time it was and because we were snacking around 5pm to hold us over, inevitably over eating. The other thing that really changed was our view on meal time. I really think that this is when it finally hit me that soon Edith would be eating solids and we started to think about how we wanted that to look.

We decided to eat dinner while Edith was still awake and sit at the table (most of the time) with her. I would hold her in my arms while we ate and then we would do our bedtime routine with her. This was so much better for us because we weren’t eating at a ridiculous hour and we were starting to expose Edith to food.


At around 5 months we decided to buy one of the high chairs you attach to a dining room table chair. We decided to go with this one because it also came with a toy attachment so that while we ate Edith could entertain herself. It was great because she was able to sit at the table with us and Neil and I could eat with both hands and at the same time we were preparing her for the future.

Also around 5 months we started letting her hold and play with vegetables. We started with cauliflower, broccoli and peppers. She would hold them and test them out with her mouth but never really ate any of them. This is when we started baby-led weaning (BLW) and at the time I don’t think we even realized it.

Months 6-6.5

At just 6 days shy of her 6 month birthday we got the green light from her pediatrician to start solids. Up to this point I was very much like oh we aren’t going to do rice cereal or purees and our pediatrician was guiding us towards the BLW route but for some reason I went out and bought both. Edith’s first real solids meal was brown rice cereal with butternut squash puree. She wasn’t much of a fan.


The second day of solids I tried the brown rice cereal and squash again but still not interested so I moved on to sweet potato puree which she really enjoyed and then to mangos which she loved. Over the next few weeks she tried a few other pureed packets but I never went back to the brown rice cereal. I honestly didn’t even know why I bought it in the first place because I had no real interest in giving it to her- maybe I thought it would help her gain a little weight?

Anyways, for the first two weeks we pretty much only gave Edith packets of pureed foods. We occasionally gave her avocado or a few veggies to play with like leafy greens and slices of bell peppers but we were primarily doing spoon feeding. During this time we were mindful to feed Edith slowly and to also let her touch and play with the puree since we were aware that those are two things that can be easily over looked when it comes to spoon feeding.


We continued to eat dinner together at the table like we had been prior to starting solids but as we did this Edith became less interested in the packets of pureed foods and more interested in our food. This got me thinking about looking more into the method behind BLW. At this point we were doing a little bit of it but had not yet fully taken the plunge so I headed over to Amazon and bought Baby-Led Weaning The Essential Guide To Introducing Solid Foods and Helping Your Baby Grow Up a Happy and Confident Eater.

Up next: The Move to (almost) Exclusive BLW and What Edith Eats

Edith Eats

Today we got the all clear for Edith to start solids! She will be 6 months next Wednesday and has been showing so much interest in food lately that I couldn’t wait to introduce solids to her.  Unfortunately (and fortunately) Neil moved out to Oregon yesterday so he wasn’t here to experience her “first meal” but I was sure to document it for him.

I served up some organic butternut squash pure and brown rice cereal.  Edith wasn’t the biggest fan of the squash and cereal but she didn’t hate it either.  I also gave her a few Happy Bellies Green Puffs which she loved.






What was your baby’s first food?