#WhatEdithWore | One

Edith has really started to take an interest in her clothes and style. Most days we can’t pick out her clothes without her throwing a fuss because well she wants to do it herself. I’m all about her asserting her independence and choosing her own clothes however sometimes there are still tears as I try to explain to her that pants cannot be worn as a top and that she’ll have to choose a top and a bottom. Despite all that I really think that this kid already has an eye for fashion.

This is our first installment of #WhatEdithWore and of course you can follow us on Instagram with said hash tag until our next installment.

#WhatEdithWears #WhatEdithWears #WhatEdithWears

Summer Sneakers & Sandals for Mom

I have a little shoe shopping fever so of course I had to do a little online window shopping.  I am in the market for a pair of summer sneakers and sandals, however not just any pair.  I need a pair (of each) that can take the rain while chasing a very mobile baby around and also they have to be comfortable. Oh and they must be cute. Here is what I have found:

Summer Shoes for Mom

What shoes are you lusting after? (leave a link in the comments!)

Mom Friendly Swimsuits

Summer is right around the corner and that means we soon will be packing up the kiddos and taking them to the pool, fountains and beaches to cool off.  It also means that it’s time for us mom’s to slip into a new bathing suit.  I give major props to the moms who can pull off a string bikini but that surely isn’t happening over here so here are a few of my favorite mom friendly swimsuits.

Mom Friendly Suits