The Importance Of Date Nights

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This past weekend I found myself sitting in a dimly lit restaurant at a table for two with my husband. No kids, no distractions, just us. We enjoyed a meal that didn’t involve sticky hands, children climbing out of their chair, or racing to see if we could break our record in speed eating. We were able to sit, eat at our own pace and talk. Neil and I are lucky that talking is one of the strengths in our relationship but it isn’t until you sit down alone without the chance of distractions that you realize just how much more you have to talk about and sometimes the serious things you don’t get to talk about when your sweet littles are around. And that right there is one of the biggest reasons I think date nights are important. It’s important to be able to talk about the good, the bad and the ugly because that is what helps to make a relationship strong.

I’m not saying date nights are meant for serious convos only, it’s one of the components. The other is to have fun and remember why you got together in the first place. Taking time to nurture your relationship is important not just for the two of you but also for your little(s) because you are setting the example. If you show love and compassion and connection that only helps to teach your children those attributes.

Honestly, most weeks you can find Neil and I on the couch with our laptops, phones or tablets. We’ll check-in with each other but most of our focus is on other things or on a show that we are watching. For a while we tried to do at home date nights and we still do on occasion but the issue there is that kids often need tending to, our laptops are just a reach away and there are only so many things you can do before it starts to get repetitive and you stop having regular date nights at home or they turn into eating dinner on the couch and watching a movie which you probably would have done without the title of “datenight“.

So, now it’s time to get off the couch, get a sitter and get out for a date night. It actually took us until this Fall to really adopt this practice. Even then it was just once  per month until we realized that we needed at least two date nights a month. I honestly wish we could do one most weeks but when family lives across the country and a sitter costs $15/hour it ends up being a bit out of the budget to do more than two dates a month. Considering we only had a total of maybe 10-12 date nights and one night away from August 2012-August 2015 having two date nights a month is amazing

So, all this being said, I want you to dedicate yourself to finding a sitter and getting out at least twice a month for a special date with your partner. It doesn’t have to be a fancy dinner it could simply be coffee and a walk through your town/city. Do something that is just for you two that gives you an opportunity to connect, to talk and to re-kindle that love for each other.


Date Night In | Baseball

Baseball Date Night

Now I like baseball just fine but Neil is the baseball fanatic at our house so this date night is for him. Taking interest in your partners passions is sexy.

What you’ll need:

One. A baseball movie. On our list right now is 42.

Two. A great session beer to enjoy while viewing your baseball movie.

Three. Your baseball cap.

Four. A cute baseball top.

Five. A big bag of Cracker Jacks or your favorite stadium food.

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Date Night In | Cribbage & Coffee

Cribbage Date Night
Neil and I used to love to get out for coffee shop dates but since having a baby those are few and far between so now we have coffee dates at home either in the evening or during nap time on the weekends.
What you’ll need:
One. A snack that goes well with coffee; I recommend Biscoff cookies*.
Two. A great decaf coffee (you want to be able to go to sleep, right?)
Three and Four. A comfortable outfit; I recommend a sweatshirt and leggings.
Five. Your favorite thing to listen to* together.
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Date Night In | Roman Holiday

Roman Holiday Date
Put something cute and comfortable on, open a bottle of wine and sit down and enjoy a big plate of pasta and a classic film with your loved one.
What you’ll need:
One. Some really great pasta*.
Two. A bottle of Italian wine.
Three, Four & Five. A cute, comfortable outfit. This one features this top, this skirt and this scarf.
Six. Roman Holiday on dvd or Amazon prime*.
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Date Night In | Mad Men

Mad Men Date Night

Who say’s a date night in means you can’t get dressed up? Get dressed up, make yourselves a cocktail and cuddle on the couch and have a Mad men Marathon.

What you’ll need:

One. A copy of Mad Men; whatever season tickles your fancy.

Two. A Mad Men inspired cocktail – you can get a complete list here.

Three. A Mad Men inspired appetizer or dessert – checkout this vegan tapioca pudding.

Four. A cute Mad Men inspired dress- check out your local vintage store or online at Mod Cloth.

Date Night In | Stargazing

Why not take your date night in out, outside that is. Who says you have to go any further than the comfort of your own front or backyard. While you could do this in the summer it’s just as much fun in the late fall or winter!
What you’ll need:
One. You’ll need a big comfortable blanket to wrap around you and your honey.
Two and Four. You’ll want to keep warm a thermos of spicy cocoa.
Three. You’ll need a cute fluffy warm hat to keep your ears warm.
Five. Of course you will need some mini marshmallows to munch on and add to your cocoa.

Magical Date Night In

Harry Potter Date Night


A fun and playful date night in. Who says Harry Potter is just for your children?

What you’ll need:

One. Your favorite Harry Potter* movie (Mine is Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban).

Two. Harry Potter inspired cocktails (I’m partial to the Neville Longbottom).

Three. A comfy robe to wrap yourself up in; I like this navy one because I can pretend it’s a Hogwarts robe.

Four. Chocolate frogs or some other Harry Potter inspired treat.

Five. Gryffindor knee socks to keep your toes warm (or any fun tube socks).

Six. A beautiful candle to set the mood and add some romance (this candle is ridiculously expensive but a girl can dream, right?).

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