Edith Is Three.


I wanted to get this posted before too much time has passed but it seems that time just can’t be stopped and Edith has already been three for 12 days. In the past 12 days she has finally come around to being three but let me tell you I had no idea how traumatic it was going to be for her. She spent the first week telling us she “missed her two” and she was sad about being three. For a few days she was 2 years and 366 days, 367 days and so on but it seems that at 2 years 377 days she finally has come around to three.


Edith started her morning off with a donut and coffee before we headed to Bob’s Red Mill for a breakfast birthday party with a few of her friends. We are all about keeping birthdays pretty low key and we weren’t actually going to have a party until Edith insisted that we have one and that she have strawberry pie and rainbow ribbons (apparently this is a Daniel Tiger thing or a mash up a bunch of episodes). 2015_07_09_EdithIsThree-12After Bob’s we headed back to our house to get packed up for camping – side note don’t wait to pack until just a few hours before need to leave. Before heading to the campground we made a quick stop at Whole Food’s to pick up ice and snack and Edith was so tired out from her day that she ended up falling asleep in the car add-on on the cart. I actually didn’t even realize it until a lady passed with her kids and told them to be quiet as they passed by.

2015_07_09_EdithIsThree-7Finally hours later we made it to the campground and Edith got her rainbow ribbons. We had dinner and Edith got her pie although I was a lazy mom and just bought her an apple pie instead of making a strawberry pie (in my defense she had only requested a strawberry pie the day before). We also were able to see a mother dear and her fawn – so over camping trip even if it was just a short one.

2015_07_09_EdithIsThree-6 2015_07_09_EdithIsThree-5 2015_07_09_EdithIsThree-2 2015_07_09_EdithIsThree-3 2015_07_09_EdithIsThree-1 2015_07_09_EdithIsThree

As for it being a short camping trip….Not to be a downer but this camping trip didn’t quiet go as we had expected because we didn’t bring water (there is usually potable water at the park but they had just cleaned their pipes so no water), we forgot an entire bag of cooking supplies, Alder had a rough night of sleeping and I ended up pinching a nerve. So we ended up only staying for one night but it was still a great time and we got make a detour to Hood River for the day and meet up with friends for dinner on the way home.



I’m a week late in writing this post but we have been busy celebrating the life that made us parents. Our sweet, independent, kind and generous (among many other wonderful things) little girl has turned three. I’m not sure where the time has gone but she is three and I am excited as can before her but of course a little part of me wishes that time would slow down. If you’re a birth story junkie like me you read Edith’s full birth story here. I’ll share some photos and highlights from her birthday this weekend or early next week. Until then here are some photos from the day Edith was born…IMG_9342 IMG_9347 IMG_9360 IMG_9396


Five Tot Friendly Shows (that aren’t Daniel Tiger)

I don’t know what world you live in but over here it is Daniel Tiger (DT- yes we watch it so much I have come to abbreviating) all. the. time. Seriously. I’m so over DT and have been working on moving us away from it and on to some new and more interesting shows. That being said I don’t think DT will be out of our life anytime soon but I am hoping Edith is over it by the time Alder starts having an opinion about shows because I don’t know if I can bear to go two or so more years watching it. Before I reveal the other shows we (yes we) are liking let’s first see if you also watch too much DT.


You know you’re watching too much DT when…

  1. Evening conversations with your partner/husband develop into an over analytical discussion about why Mrs. Tiger is the only one of the tigers who wears pants.
  2. You are constantly singing songs from DT (clean up, pick up, put away…ALWAYS IN MY HEAD). 
  3. You are still singing the songs when your children have gone to bed.
  4. You have playdates and conversation always ends up leading to something Daniel Tiger related such as why the male tigers don’t wear pants or how Mrs. Tiger walked home from the doctors office after just having her baby (and can we talk about the new baby parade?)
  5. Your child says “Daniel Tiger has, does, likes, ect too” to everything. Example Edith is eating oatmeal for breakfast –> “Daniel Tiger eat oatmeal too!”
  6. You read this blog post and at the end say YES, EXACTLY!

So now that we have determined that you are watching too much DT or that you don’t want to become someone who does here are a few better (IMO) options that you and your tot can both get behind.




the_hive_logo_and_bees peg+catsacconyjolys


So Tumble Leaf is on Amazon and if you have Amazon Prime it’s free. It’s actually an Amazon original show and I don’t remember how I came across it but I really love it. The animation is fantastic and the the story line is actually great. It’s set in the woods (and by the sea and by some snow – they’ve got it all covered) mostly with your traditional woodland creatures except for the funny little chickens that don’t really talk. Anyways each episode features some sort of problem and it shows how Fig the Fox (main character) solves the problem/learns by play and exploration. My description doesn’t do it justice but trust me it’s good.

I know many of you are probably already on the Dinosaur Train but I have to say I really like the show. For one thing there are more episodes than DT so we don’t fall into the trap of watching the same ones over and over. Plus I find it to be educational for Edith and I learn something (hey it’s been about 20 years since I learned about dinosaurs). Edith is really into dinosaurs lately so that helps too.

The Hive is something that Edith actually asked to watch one day when I was flipping through shows on Netflix. It’s a show about a bee family and their insect friends. Oh and it’s British so I think Edith gets a kick out of the British accent and the British phrases. Anyways I think the show is pretty cute and a great alternative to DT.

Now this one is one that I really like and while I was able to convince E to watch Peg + Cat for a short period she just hasn’t been interested in it lately. I hoping to try and guide it to her as an alternative to DT. This show is again like most preschool shows all about certain lessons and I just really enjoy the approach that this show takes.

Okay this last one is the wild card. The SACCONEJOLYs is actually a YouTube channel that I came across last spring and for some reason got sucked into watching it. Since then Edith has become obsessed with their two year old daughter Emilia; I think it’s because they are almost the same age and Emilia has a little brother now just like E does. Anyways they post a new video everyday at 6pm GMT (for us that’s 10am PST) and while we don’t watch this everyday we do watch it a few times per week at the request of Edith. Although I’ll tell you this if there isn’t enough Emilia in it she starts to order the screen to put on more Emilia and will desperately ask “Where Emilia Go? Emilia ARE YOU?? (that’s Emilia where are you in Edith language). So this one really might not be your cup of tea but what can I say I like to be a little nosey and watch other people’s lives and Edith enjoys it (oh and it’s not a cartoon).

So that’s it. This is my current list of shows that I try and persuade my toddler to watch instead of Daniel Tiger. On a side note as I am finishing up this post we are watching Daniel Tiger, oh the irony.

What are your favorite tot/preschool shows? 

Edith’s Birthday Wish List | Second Birthday

Edith turns two in just over two weeks! How crazy is that? Time is flying! This year we are having a little party at the park (weather permitting) with Edith’s friends. This morning we took a trip to Target and she chose the theme of her party, which is Robots for anyone wondering. So now on to the big question what is on Edith’s Birthday Wish List this year? You can check out her wish list from last year here

Something To Wear:

Salt Water Sandals by Hoy Shoe Sweetheart Sandal | Osh Kosh Baby-Girls Fedora |

Tots Bots Hickory Print | Zutano Piccolina Swing Tee

Something She Needs:

MAM Toothbrush | AppleCheeks Swim Diaper

Something To Create With:

Eco Kids Natural Plant Dye Modeling Dough | Dough Tools |

Artist Smock | Reusable Sticker Pad

Something For Playtime:

Legos | Playskool Mr. Potato Head | Rody

Something Educational: 

Beads & Pattern Card Set | Learning Resources One To Ten Counting Cans |

Melissa & Doug Alphabet Express Floor Puzzle | Educational Insights Shapes Bean Bags

Something Robots:

Smiley Robot Tattoos | Sugarbooger Zippee! Lunch Tote | Sugarbooger Apron

What is on your childs birthday wish list this year? 
Side Note: I would normally include something to read but we just purchased a ton of new-to-us books so Edith is not in need of any new books at this time however of course she is always accepting books because she is a major book worm. 

Disclaimer: Amazon affiliate links are included in this post.

Flash Back: Daddy’s Little Helper

Every so often I find myself scrolling through the photos of my computer. It’s surprising how often I forget about photos that I have taken. Today I came across these beautiful photos of Edith and Neil from back in October 2013.

Daddy's Lil Helper- Edith Oct 2013 - 1

Ever since we moved Edith has become obsessed with putting things together, specifically furniture. It’s probably because 90% of our furniture comes from IKEA and when we moved ourselves we took the majority of our furniture apart. As Neil put furniture together Edith “helped” and even after the fact she would try and put things like her little chair together or her crib. She would find the metal parts of our headphones or keys or even sometimes a mini screw driver pretend to use them on her furniture. In this case we had just bought a new stool for the bathroom and Edith decided she wanted to help Neil put it together. She would drop the screw into the hole for Neil and clap for herself each time. Once it was put together she had to test it out, of course! I’m so glad that I happened to capture this moment on film because honestly until today I completely forgot about it!

 Daddy's Lil Helper- Edith Oct 2013

Daddy's Lil Helper- Edith Oct 2013 - Clap

Daddy's Lil Helper- Edith Oct 2013- High Five

Daddy's Lil Helper- Edith Oct 2013 - 2

Rainy Day Fun: Painting

We have officially hit winter in Portland which means rain, lots of rain. While I still try to get us out and about I am also working on coming up with fun indoor play activities. A few weeks ago I picked up painting supplies from Ikea and yesterday we took them for a spin. Edith and I spent a good half hour just painting away, however I think for Edith the best part of painting is the post painting bath!



What’s your favorite rainy day activity?

Edith: 13 Months

EdithStandingOnCartGoofFace (1 of 1)

*On August 9th, 2013 Edith turned 13 months!!!*

Weight: Around 17lbs

Height: 29.5 inches

Likes: Going to the park. Playing with other babies. Balls. Kitty. Climbing on furniture. Rocking in her chair or really any chair (even those that don’t rock). Nursing. Music. Dancing.

Dislikes: Getting in her car seat most of the time. Going to bed before 8pm. This month she hasn’t cared for napping.

EdithHugsTheBeardedManSpieces (1 of 1)

Sleeping: This month although better than last still had some pretty miserable moments. Last week Edith didn’t nap at all on Monday, hardly slept Monday night and didn’t nap Tuesday. Let me tell you that was a extremely challenging week and we were all exhausted. Otherwise sleeping is going pretty well; Edith sleeps from 8-9pm to 6:30-7:30am and is usually up once to nurse, sometimes twice. She nurses to sleep and then we put her in her crib where she sleeps until anywhere between 1:30am-6am when she comes to bed with us. Napping has been hit or miss. Some days she takes two naps, others one and lately sometimes none.

Eating: Edith loves to eat and she lets us know when she is hungry or thirsty.  We haven’t mastered many signs but more which in Edith’s case means hungry or more food and water are both used throughout the day by Edith. Edith has been loving pluots, grapes, melon, pesto rice, tempeh, beans, broccoli, kale chips, raw crackers and raisins, among other things. She also nurses 5-8x per day.

EdithHammers (1 of 1)

Playing: We have attempted to go to a number of meetups this month although napping has gotten in the way a bit. We have made it to a few park meetups and book babies.  Edith loves to socialize with other people and babies and it’s wonderful to get out of the house.

Wearing: (same as last month). E is wearing mostly 6-12 month tops, some 12-18 months and even some 2T shirts that are just a little big for her.


Edith–> 12 MONTHS!!!!


*On July 9th, 2013 Edith turned one!!!*

Weight: Around 16-17 lbs. (same guess as last month)

Height: Not sure maybe 27-28 inches? <– total guess (same guess as last month)

Likes: Going down the big slide at the park with mom and dad. Swings. Crawling on the playground. Swimming at the pool. Stacking blocks. Nursing.IMG_0830


Dislikes: Getting her diaper changed….95% of the time. This past month she really hated not being held. Riding in her carseat (both new and old). Having her nose Frida’d.IMG_0816

Sleeping: This month sucked. Not even going to pretend it was a good month. Edith entered her 8th wonder week about two weeks ago and since then sleep has just been terrible. You’re probably thinking okay but what about the few weeks before that…I honestly don’t remember. I think between staying a hotel, the weather being crazy hot, the 8th leap and guests good sleep just hasn’t been on our side. I am hoping that once this leap passes that our good sleeper will make a comeback because mommy and daddy need some sleep.

Eating: We made it to the breastfeeding one year mark and we are still going strong! Edith nurses 6-10x per day and she is also eating 3 meals and 2 snacks per day. She is big on avocado, vegan mac and cheese, vegan pizza, bananas, mushrooms, onions, blueberries, smoothies, toast with a little marmite and grape tomatoes.

Screen Shot 2013-07-09 at 9.12.10 PM

Playing: We haven’t been to very many meet ups the past few weeks because of a blog conference and our guest being in town but we will be back at it next week. We have been bringing her to a weekly music night at a local farm and she seems to be loving it. We also have been doing a lot of playing at home with stacking toys and we do lots and lots of reading.

Wearing: (same as last month). E is wearing mostly 6-12 month, some 12-18 months and even some 2T shirts that are just a little big for her.IMG_0782


Edith’s Virtual Birthday

I know that throwing My Super Sweet 16 style first birthdays are all the rage right now but honestly it’s not our thing. Instead we are going a much more simplistic route and are keeping things pretty relaxed this year. My parents are here visiting and we will take Edith out to do a few things that she really enjoys but otherwise we are going to keep it simple.  However, we didn’t want to have the moment go by without celebrating it with friends and family and since we are so far apart from them we decided to have a virtual birthday party for Edith (see invite below).



We thought we would have our friends and family share a little greeting with her via a photo or video that way she could see/watch it on her birthday. This also means she can have something to look back at throughout the year.

While we thought this was a fun idea it is July 2nd and we have had one submission and one pending submission. I don’t know if this was a little “too out there” for friends and family or maybe I should just sit tight and stop my worrying until the July 5th deadline passes.

How did you celebrate your little’s first birthday?