Reading Wednesday | Preparing for Baby’s Arrival

The Birth Partner by Penny Simkin

Now that we’re getting closer and closer to baby number two’s due date, I’m starting to think it’s time that I refresh myself on what exactly I can expect and how I can best prepare myself for their arrival. Of the different expectant father books that I’ve read, there’s one that stands out as the most beneficial and that’s The Birth Partner by Penny Simkin. It was really a great supplement to the birthing and parenting classes we took when we were pregnant with Edith. It also helped me to understand how I could best support Lindsay in the process. I recommend it as a must read for any body who will be supporting a mother-to-be in the birth process. I know I’ll be reading it again to help me prepare. And please, check out my review I wrote after I read it the first time.

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Reading Wednesday | Books For The Big Sibiling-To-Be

The New Baby by Mercer Mayer: I recently picked this book up at our local library. I honestly didn’t even open the book up before getting it home so I didn’t know what to expect but Edith has loved it! It is easy to follow and talks about the things an older sibling can do with their new baby.





I’m a Big Sister by Joanna Cole: We bought this book for Edith around 27 weeks pregnant with baby #2. This book goes through what life is like with a new baby in the house and how that while there is a new baby that the big sister is still important. One of the things that I love about this book is how they call the baby “our baby” rather than mom or dad’s baby it just makes everything feel more inclusive. This book also has suggestions at the end on how to help your toddler/child transition to becoming a big sister. Also don’t worry there is a I’m a Big Brother version too!



Waiting for Baby by Rachel Fuller: This book is a little different than the others I mentioned above. It is more focused on the pictures in the book and really provides for more of an opportunity to talk about the pending arrival of your baby. While Edith doesn’t totally grasp that we are having a baby this book has really allowed us to talk more with her about our pregnancy and the baby who will be arriving soon.




My New Baby by Rachel Fuller: This book is similar to Waiting for Baby in it’s style. It provides an opportunity to discuss what to expect when baby is born and home. I love that this book features the mother nursing her baby since I will be nursing our new baby. Again this book is a little over Edith’s head but it has allowed us to talk with her about what to expect when the baby arrives.



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Reading Wednesday | Patient for Pumpkins

Happy Reading Wednesday!

I don’t know about you but in our house we spend hours everyday reading books and 90% of the time they are children’s books. That being said we have decided to start a new weekly feature that allows us to share what we are currently reading. Some weeks we will feature one book, other weeks a selection of our favorites and occasionally Neil and I will also share the books we are reading.

This week I wanted to feature a book we read at least once per day and all three of us really love it.

This Week’s Featured Book: Patient for Pumpkins – Story and Illustrations by Linda L. Knoll


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Mini description of this book via North Atlantic Books:

Seasonal fruits, vegetables, and other produce from local farms play an important part of a healthy, ethical diet. Encouraging children to eat local food in harmony with the seasons, Patient for Pumpkins tells the story of T.J., a boy who accompanies his father to the farmers’ market and enjoys the changes in fruits and vegetables as the year progresses. Families looking to introduce the concept of seasonal availability of produce to young children will be delighted by this children’s book by Linda L. Knoll, a lifelong resident of Northern California who is a professionally trained artist with a teaching credential.

Read the full description here.

Why we love this book: We are avid farmers market goers and this book seems to have really helped Edith to get excited about our market trips. The book is also filled with a variety of fruits and vegetables that are based on the season and while at this point Edith doesn’t quite understand seasonal produce she is constantly being re-introduced to produce that we buy and/or see at the farmers market or grocery store. I love that she can point out fruits and vegetables as we go through the book.

Photo Credit*

Photo Credit*

While this book is geared towards a little bit older child it is still fun for us to read with Edith has the beautiful photos keep her interested. It is also a book that we will continue to read for years and as she grows older the way in which we read and utilize the book will change. For example as you read the book there is a column on the side that describes the stage of growth of the pumpkin at that specific month and right now we pass over this because it’s a little above Edith’s understanding but when she gets a little older we can draw her attention more to this and the steps it takes for a pumpkin to grow from May to October.

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Another feature we will take advantage of when she is a bit older is the list of fruits, veggies and local products that one might find at their local farmers market. When she is able to communicate verbally a little more with us I plan to take the list with us and do a little scavenger hunt at the farmers market to find the items on our list. We will then purchase a few of the items and bring them home to try.

Age Range: 4 – 8 years (although Edith is in LOVE with this book and she is 22 months)
Grade Level: Preschool – 3
Hardcover: 32 pages
Publisher: North Atlantic Books (April 22, 2014)

Photo Credit: Linda Knoll via this site.

Disclaimer: We received this book for review from North Atlantic Books.  As always all opinions are our own and we genuinely LOVE this book. Also this post includes Amazon Affiliates link.

Currently Reading: Peek-a-boo, Devils and Stephen King

What Edith’s Reading:


  • Peek-a-Boo, Baby! Animals: We have been reading this for months now but Edith went from loving the peek-a-boo and animals to falling in love with the babies in the book.  She has developed a little bit of a crush on the baby boy on the penguin page and babbles and squeals when she sees him.
  • Sesame Street Who am I?: This book was actually mine as a child and was one of my favorites.  We love to read it with Edith and she loves Cookie Monster and Grover (I think it’s the bright blue).
  • Good Night Vermont: We received this book as a shower gift and alternate reading it to Edith at bed time.  I love the book as well and now that we don’t live in Vermont it is a little reminder of our old home.
  • Touch and Feel Baby Animals: We have had this book for a long time and I used to take Edith’s hand and try to get it open and have her touch them but I was pretty unsuccessful.  Nowadays she reaches out coos and babbles and strokes the animals; her favorite is the bunny.
  • Guess How Much I Love You: Neil reads this to Edith most nights and I just love to listen to him read it to her.  It’s a really sweet story of a baby bunny and his dad and there friendly competition to see loves each other more.
  • Good Night Oregon: Obviously we had to buy this when we moved out here.  Now we have added it to our bedtime rotation and although I like it I think I prefer Good Night VT.

What Lindsay’s Reading:

  • The Devil in the White City: This is a really great book and I have been slowly making my way through it over the past month.  I am hoping to finish it in the next week or so, now that I have time to read. The book follows two intertwining stories one about the Chicago World’s Fair and the other about H.H. Holmes, America’s first serial killer.  Like I said so far a really great read.
  • The Doula Book: This book I am reading for my future career path! Yes I am hoping to become a doula in the next 2-3 years.
  • Baby Led Weaning: Since we have started solids I am reading all kinds of baby food books and theories.  It is such an interesting and exciting time and also a little nerve racking as well.

What Neil is Reading:

  • 11/22/63: “11/22/63 is a novel by Stephen King about a time traveler who attempts to prevent the assassination of John F. Kennedy which occurred on November 22, 1963.” Wikipedia  Neil is currently enjoying the book and will let you know what he thinks next month!