A Day In The Life: Jenkins Estate, Cooper Mountain & “Ice Cream”

Tuesday I decided that we were just going to have a fun day. No packing, no cleaning just a day out with my littles. We used to go out every Wednesday for an adventure but because of dance classes we haven’t been going so it felt great to just take sometime to explore together.

We started our day by bringing Neil to work and then we headed to Jenkin’s Estate. This was our first adventure here and it was really beautiful. There are said to be two or so miles of trails and there are gardens and there is a playground (although as we found out there are restrictions as to when you can use the playground). 2015_08_15_ADayInTheLifeNF-30 2015_08_15_ADayInTheLifeNF-27

One of our favorite spots at the Jenkin’s Estate was the garden where there were a number of beautiful vegetable plants and herbs and flowers and fruit trees. We had a wonderful time exploring.2015_08_15_ADayInTheLifeNF-23 2015_08_15_ADayInTheLifeNF-21 2015_08_15_ADayInTheLifeNF-19

Our next stop was Cooper Mountain which is just up the road from Jenkins Estate. We didn’t stay long though because it was overrun with older children and Edith felt a little overwhelmed.

Lunch break! We stopped into our old favorite Veggie Grill for a quick bite to eat and a nap for Alder. 2015_08_15_ADayInTheLifeNF-14

Back on the road again we stopped over at one of the parks in Beaverton after reading that the Nature Mobile would be there. Edith made a craft, searched for spider webs and played on the playground a bit before we had to head over to pick up Neil from work. 2015_08_15_ADayInTheLifeNF-12

Next up Edith and Alder’s one and three year check ups! Check out Alder’s birth announcement in back. 2015_08_15_ADayInTheLifeNF-11

Next up a stroll through Sellwood and a stop for dinner at Jade. 2015_08_15_ADayInTheLifeNF-10

Lastly, we ended our night with a big bowl of ice cream to share from a new ice cream cart in Sellwood. They have tons of non-dairy options and it was so delicious!2015_08_15_ADayInTheLifeNF-9 2015_08_15_ADayInTheLifeNF-5 2015_08_15_ADayInTheLifeNF-1

What have you been up to lately?

A Day In The Life | 2.27.17 | Park, Coffee, Doc & More Coffee

ADayInTheLife -Spring ADayInTheLife -Ducks
ADayInTheLife -AADayInTheLife-SandADayInTheLife - Coffee #1 ADayInTheLife - Doc ADayInTheLife - Coffee #2 ADayInTheLife - Walk ADayInTheLife - Dinner

Friday started out a little chaotic as we ran to get ourselves together and out the door. The first stop was to drop Neil off at work and then the kids and I were off to the park. We were supposed to have a playdate but because I had to drop Neil off at work and then we had a doctors appointment later in the morning we decided to try again next week. We headed to a park near our old house (and hopefully one day where we return to) because I wanted to check out the new children’s play area. It was a bit of a gloomy morning but I love seeing signs of Spring everywhere! Being from Vermont Spring doesn’t really start until May whereas here it starts in late February/March. Anyways off the the park we went.

Edith spent a good hour playing in the sand and exploring the new park. Alder napped for awhile and then was bright eyed and smiling. We had a quick nursing break before packing Edith up and heading to our favorite coffee shop to warm up. Edith enjoyed a “coffee” (steam soy milk) and I had an americano. We both had a late snack of a bagel and Alder munched on styrofoam er…teething biscuits.

We had a few minutes before heading to the doctors so we popped in the children’s thrift store next door where I found a few new things for Alder and a few books for Edith (I’ll share them in a future post). After a toddler melt down, when I said we had to leave (I can’t blame her she was having fun with all the toys) we were finally on our way to the doctor for Alder to get a shot.

Shot done. Time for more coffee #oneofthosedays and off to drop a coffee off to Neil and to go for a lunch time walk. We walked the loop at Neil’s work and finally signed me up for the gym. Then it was time to head home for naps and lounge time after a busy morning.

Neil got a ride home from work and since it was date night we decided to head to the grocery store to pick up some day night provisions. We also picked up a noodle bowl for Edith since it would be way past her dinner time by the time we got home and made her something.

This isn’t our normal day at home but about once per month this is how our day seems to go. What does a day in your life look like?