Hello Friends!


Wow it’s been a bit since we have had a real post up here on Naturally Family. I feel like I haven’t had a minute to sit down and really just write but I figured with Alder currently sleeping in my lap and Edith quietly gluing sheets of paper together I’d awkwardly take a moment to write to you all (if you could only see the position I am in trying to write this haha).

While I haven’t been as present here on the blog for the past few weeks I have been posting a ton on our instagram account so (shameless plug coming) so if you’d like to see what we have been up to follow us over there. I try to post daily and have been really trying to add a little more micro-blogging to the caption.

Anyways we have big news we are moving back to the east side of Portland! We are so exited but honestly I had no idea how challenging packing was going to be with two little ones. I mean you’d think after moving house three times in the past 2.5 years that I’d be a pro by now but well that just isn’t the case. We are downsizing in space a bit so we are really trying to go through our things and declutter, pair down and just live a more minimalist life.

In our new home we are going to try the kids in their own room. It should be interesting but I think Neil and I are ready to have our own room back and that the kids (at least Edith) are ready to share their own room. I mean honestly I don’t even know if they could fit in our bedroom with us because #smallbedroomproblems.

With the new small bedrooms and different layout of the house I am in interior design mode. I am trying to figure out ways to make our home clean, bright and inspiring. I feel like we have yet to live in a home that makes me feel that way and right now it’s really important. Part of that means actually unpacking all of our boxes, putting photos on the wall and really organizing things in a way that makes sense for our family. [let me know if you’d like to see our progress and ideas]

So while I have about 20 posts to write and share with you my focus is on trying to get ready to move at the end of the month so if I am a bit absent for the next 2-3 weeks don’t worry it’s only temporary. Also you can keep tabs on us via our social media because you know I can’t go a day without sharing something!

Share something that is going on in your life right now. Also any moving, decorating or organizing tips are oh so welcome. 

Currently 1.24.15


Doing: Oh just getting really excited as I realize that tonight is only Saturday night and that I still have another weekend day to get ohh a million things done tomorrow. Who am I kidding? Let’s focus on just getting one or two things done. Right now Neil and I are catching up on Top Chef and Alder is being a wild man who was up ALL last night (seriously I slept from like 12a-1a and then maybe 15-20 minutes more until getting up at 2:30am with a crying Alder – seriously felt so bad for baby boy and at the same time being frustrated that I couldn’t just sleep. I ended up with him until about 5:45am before hearing Edith over the monitor and heading back upstairs. I finally got a few hours of sleep around 6:15a-8:45a. I don’t know what his deal is tonight but he is wild.

Thinking about: Oh the 30 different blog posts and YouTube videos that I am working on and how nice it would be to have a maid.

Watching: Top Chef! Trying to catch up so no spoliers but we are just loving this season because Gregory Gourdet from our favorite restaurant Departure is on it. Side note his restaurant is a client of a PR company that I sometimes go to events at and last November he was at an event at their offices and I totally geeked out.

Looking forward to: Getting out for a hike tomorrow.

Reading: Overwhelmed: Work, Love, and Play When No One Has the Time by Brigid Schulte — I’ll be posting a review soon! 

Loving: Red Wine. Babywearing (we got a new Tula Toddler — whoop whoop). Cooking. Skincare. Makeup. Running. My family (duh). 


This post is inspired by Sometimes Sweet.

Share something you are currently doing, reading, looking forward to, ect. in the comments below!

Currently 01.08.15

Edith Bubbles

Doing: Currently I am writing this post while trying to figure out what is going on our meal plan for the next two weeks. In other news around here we have been going through some nap strikes and a strange bout of eating strikes from the child who up until a few days ago would eat most anything – please tell me this is just a phase. Alder has been happily waking us up at 4am this week, another thing I hope is just a result of a developmental leap. Besides all that Edith started swim lessons this week, Alder laughs all the time, I’ve managed to clean up most of the first and second floors this week and Neil has been bringing home the (tempeh) bacon.

Thinking about: what we are going to eat the next two weeks and how I wish we had food right now because I want a snack (and a glass of wine).

Watching: Neil and I have been watching or should I say up until today binge watching The Good Wife. Back when it started we watched the first few episodes but dropped it not because we didn’t like it but because shows we were already dedicated to watching took over our screentime. When we saw that the first five seasons of the The Good Wife were on Amazon prime instant streaming we started it and became obsessed.

Looking forward to: Our playdate tomorrow aka mom chat time. Also the weekend because while this hasn’t been a bad week it has been a tiring and long week and I am so ready to have Neil home with us.

Reading: I am currently reading Gone Girl (and no I never finished The Book Thief); this book is seriously good and I only have 13% left to read so I am hoping to finish it before Friday night (at home) date night so that Neil and I can watch the movie.

Loving: Neil and how despite working all day that he gives me a break in the evening and he gets up to bounce Alder at 4am when he is fully awake and ready to party. 

This post is inspired by Sometimes Sweet.

Share something you are currently doing, reading, looking forward to, ect. in the comments below!

Currently 6.29.14

Edith Portland Farmers Market

Doing: Preparing for the arrival of this baby and trying to soak up the last minutes of being a family of three. While we are excited for our new addition we also know that life is going to change in a big way so we are making time for us to enjoy ourselves as a family of three. Also when it comes to doing I myself have been doing way too much. I often forget that I am so close to the end of this pregnancy and as much as I want to go, go, go I need to slow down.

Thinking about: Boy or Girl? Boy or Girl? Boy or Girl? Seriously on my mind all the time! Additionally WHAT ARE WE GOING TO NAME HIM/HER???

Watching: Neil and I have been watching Covert Affairs and for some reason we were two seasons behind so we have been catching up. I seriously love this show.

Looking forward to: This week! It’s a short week for Neil, we are celebrating Edith’s 2nd birthday on Sunday and we are going to be one week closer to meeting our baby.

Reading: I am currently still reading The Book Thief but I think I might move on to something else because I haven’t totally gotten into it.

Loving: Lemonade. Lemon Water. Potatoes. Berries. Reading books with Edith. Watching Edith grow. Spending evenings on the couch with Neil. Playdates with girlfriends and their littles.

This post is inspired by Sometimes Sweet.

Share something you are currently doing, reading, looking forward to, ect. in the comments below!

Currently. 6.9.14

Edith at Mt. TaborDoing: At this exact moment I am sitting on the couch trying to get myself mentally prepared for the day. I just took out a “new” toy for Edith to play with so that should entertain her for (hopefully) a good 10 minutes. I am also trying to get the house ready for the arrival of #2 which really means minimalizing a lot of things in hopes that it will help to make keeping the house in order this summer a lot easier.

Thinking about: Names. Preparing for this birth. What I need to get together for our night to the Coast. Coffee. Sleeping.

Watching: Neil and I have been watching Orphan Black and I’m sad to say we only have a few more episodes of season 2. The good thing is though we have really been cutting back on TV so that we can be a bit more productive at night.

Looking forward to: The weekend! At Neil’s new job he is able to work summer hours on Fridays so as soon as he is out of work we are heading to the coast for a night away. I’m also looking forward to Neil’s race this Sunday!

Reading: I am currently reading The Book Thief although I still haven’t fully got into it but I’m not over it yet. I have also been reading tons of kids books to Edith and will share those this Wednesday with you.

Loving: Naptimes. Potatoes. Fans (it’s been hot!). 

This post is inspired by Sometimes Sweet.

Share something you are currently doing, reading, looking forward to, ect. in the comments below!