Review // bumpBox

Disclaimer: I was provided with my very own bumpBox this month in exchange for this review. As always all opinions are my own. 

bumpBox carefully handpicks and designs each box. After filling out our questionnaire, they will be able to select products based on your preferences and current pregnancy stage of the mom-to-be.  IMG_9196

“Can’t Wait to Show You” Board Book: This book comes from the Belly Books Collection and retails for $15. It is a sweet book for you to read to your baby while you are pregnant as well as once they have arrived. The book is designed to sit comfortably on top of your belly- a feature I think is really fun.

PlanJBodyandHome Lotion: This lotion comes from the PlanJBodyandHome Etsy shop and is mineral oil and paraben free. I received the mango sorbet scent and while the lotion goes on really smooth I am not a fan of the scent at all; I’m just not into super fruity scents. I unfortunately won’t be wearing this lotion and will be passing it on to a friend. I would like to try the lavender vanilla or vanilla fig that I found in the PlanJBodyandHome Etsy shop. These lotions retail for $8.

Hair Ties: Now these I am seriously obsessed with! These hair ties are created by a licensed cosmetologist and prevent your hair from becoming damaged and keep it crease free. I love, love the black and gold color and these are perfect for hot summer days and will be great when I am in labor. A pack of 5 hair ties retails for $8 directly from elle jay handmade so that would make a 3 pack around $5.

16 oz hot/cold Beverage Cup: Now this is probably the most used item in the box. Currently Neil has taken over it and is using it for his daily iced coffee. We both love it because it is double walled and it keeps water, coffee, iced tea and other beverages nice and cold. I also love the that it comes with a straw as well. Neither of us have used it with hot beverages yet because it’s simply too hot out. I am not sure who this cup is by but a similar one on Amazon retails for $8

Yogi’s Mother to Be Pregnancy Tea: I actually haven’t drank any of this tea this entire pregnancy. When I was pregnant with Edith I loved it but this time around I have had less of an interest in teas. I did really enjoy this tea and am actually planning to make up a batch of iced tea with this box. A box of this tea generally retails for around $5.

Total Cost of bumpBox with shipping: $38 for a one month subscription

Total Value of 5 items: $41


  • This is a really nice gift to give the mom-to-be.  If someone sent me a box or one of their 3 or 6 month subscriptions I would be super happy.
  • The total value of the 5 items included in my specific box out valued the total cost of the box with shipping.
  • I love the little description card that comes with the box because not only does it tell what each item it is also has as blurb about why it is important for pregnancy. Example the hot/cold beverage cup discusses the benefits of drinking water and why it is important during pregnancy.
  • The box introduces you to items that you may not have been aware of in the first place and ones that you might come to love. I myself am now loving the hair ties and I want to order more!


  • The cost of the box does not include shipping so the total cost ends up being a little on the pricey side for 5 items.
  • The description card doesn’t include the retail value of items; I had to research those all on my own. I would love to see the retail value included as well as all of the vendors.
  • I didn’t love everything in my box. Now this is a con that is going to be dependent upon on each individual person. I think the box was filled with quality items I just wish that the lotion was a scent that I enjoyed more.

While I am not sure that I would order this box for myself I do think it’s a really great gift for the mom-to-be. It would be a great box to send a friend or family member upon finding out they are expecting or maybe you are unable to make a baby shower – this would be a great gift for the mom-to-be.

Favorites | Natural Kids Care | Hip Peas

Disclaimer: This is NOT a sponsored post. These products were purchased by us and we just want to share our favorite items with you.

Hip PeasEdith has crazy hair in the back. Like serious dread head.

We have been trying everything we can think of at home to try and calm down the dreads. Until recently, nothing has worked. We tried coconut oil. It just made her hair super greasy and never really helped in releasing the dreads. We tried conditioner and that did absolutely nothing. We try brushing right after bath in hopes that it will keep tangles at bay. But, as soon as nap or bedtime happens there they are, those dreadful dreads.

We finally decided to try a kids detangler. Neil had asked the owner at a local children’s store and she recommended Hip Peas. We were initially hesitant to pay what seemed like a high price for it. But, we were getting desperate after everything else failed. We decided to give it a try and started using it right away. While it hasn’t cured all our dread issues it has been most helpful when it came comb out time. Before using the detangler, combing out the dreads and tangles was a painful process for Edith and one we both felt horrible putting her through. While she still gets the tangles, combing through them has become much easier.  As an added bonus, it smells great, and I even use it on my own hair!

When Edith’s hair first started to grow out, she started to take interest in combing and brushing her own hair.  So we had bought her a Hip Peas brush that we’ve all come to love. The wooden handle is smooth and comfortable to use as an adult while still being just the right size to fit in Edith’s hand. As an added bonus, the bristles are nice and soft. To be honest, if they made an adult version I’d buy it!

Hip Peas has a ton of other products that we have yet to try but given our success with these two products, I wouldn’t hesitate to trust and recommend them as a brand.

Have you ever tried any of the Hip Peas products?

*Amazon affiliate links included in this post.