Powell Butte Nature Park | PDX With Kids


I don’t know why it took us so long to visit Powell Butte Nature Park but we finally made it there. I had no idea what to expect but it ended up being a really great hike especially with littles. 2015_06_14_PowellButte-drink2015_06_14_PowellButte-E&NI have to admit that we hiked Powell Butte a few months ago now and I am just getting around to posting about it and I tell you Edith has grown up so much just in the last two months. Looking at this photo of her and Neil at the trail sign and I can’t believe how much she has changed.

One of the really fun things about this hike was all of the nature signs that showed you what creatures and plants you might see in the various areas of the park. It was so interesting to see all of the plants, animals, reptiles, insects, ect that live there. 2015_06_14_PowellButte-drinks

Now the actual hike up to the butte is pretty easy for little legs so it made it the perfect hike for our family. Once you make it to the top there is a spot that lays out all of the mountains that you can see (on a clear day) from the top of the butte. Plus it mazes a great spot to run in circles. 2015_06_14_PowellButte-circles

We didn’t end up making the loop around the butte but we will be back soon to give it another go. The only thing you have to be aware of are there are also bikers on these paths so keep your eyes peeled! 2015_06_14_PowellButteTandem

While this is a great hike for little legs sometimes those legs want to ride back down the hill. 2015_06_14_PowellButte-walkOverall this was a great toddler friendly hike with lots of informational spots, the hike was easy for little legs and it had a great view. There are also learning centers on site as well however they were not yet open during our visit.

Who else has visited Powell Butte? Thoughts? What are your favorite Portland area hikes? 


35 More Days of Summer | #summerbucketlist


There is officially a few more weeks before Summer turns into Fall. While we are in the midst of trying to get ready to move I can’t help but think about trying to fit in a few more fun things before the summer is officially over and the rainy season starts here in Oregon.

So I reviewed our bucket list and we have actually accomplished most of the items on it.

Visit a new park or playground. CHECK.

Visit a new park or playground. CHECK.

Go for a bike ride. CHECK.

Go for a bike ride. CHECK.

Enjoy a big bowl or cone of ice cream. CHECK.

Enjoy a big bowl or cone of ice cream. CHECK.

…but we still have a few things to cross off such as:

Attend an outdoor music event.

Attend an outdoor movie.

Make popsicles and enjoy them outside.

Have a lemonade stand.

Stay up late and lay under the stars. – 8/27 perfect day for this 

Go for a train ride.

Feed the ducks/geese at the pond.


What is/was on your bucket list for the summer? How many have you accomplished? Any musts before the summer is over? I think that attending an outdoor music event and going for a train ride are highest on our list. 


Snack Date | Garden Babies at Luscher Farm


A few weeks back our little snack date group headed to Luscher Farms for their Garden Babies program that happens every Monday morning from April through October. The program starts with a few stories and then the kids get to head over to feed the chickens. I wasn’t sure what Edith would think about feeding the chickens and she was a little apprehensive at first but that quickly turned into excitement. I actually had a tough time convincing her to move on to the next activity.


Next we headed over the garden area so the kids good check out the worms and do a little digging in the garden. They spent a good 20-30 minutes running around the garden, playing and digging in the dirt and examining the plants. LuscherFarmsSnackDate4279 LuscherFarmsSnackDate4284

After the program finished we washed hands and found a picnic table to have our snack at. Today’s snack was Nature’s Bakery Fig Bars, a favorite among our group. We were able to have a sneak peek tasting of their new gluten free bars which come out this summer. Having always enjoyed the whole grain version of these fig bars I was curious to see what the gluten free version would taste like. Verdict? Hands down the gluten free bars were the favorite among our group.

While the whole grain bars are more reminiscent of the fig cookies I grew up loving I actually prefer the texture and soft bite of the gluten free fig bars. I think the fact they were softer and more moist made them more appealing to our tots as well. I can’t recommend these enough and can tell you at least in our house the gluten free fig bars (will be as soon as they hit stores) a staple in our snack jar.

Side note the flavor favorite among the group is the traditional fig flavor or the purple bar as it is known among our tots. LuscherFarmsSnackDate4290 LuscherFarmsSnackDate4294 LuscherFarmsSnackDate4297


Even the babes are loving the fig bars! LuscherFarmsSnackDate4289

We also brought out some Mamma Chia squeeze packets because we enjoy having a variety of options and these are a favorite of ours.

What are your favorite activities to do with your kids? We had such a great time attending this program. I am hoping to take Edith and Alder a few more times this summer. I imagine the program will be even better as the gardens grow!

What are you favorite on the go snacks? 

Disclaimer: Nature’s Bakery provided us with a bunch of bars for our snack dates. We were not required to write a positive review. We received no monetary compensation for this post. We just love these bars and wanted to share with you. 

Honest Co. Haul + Whole Foods The Honest Pop Up Shop

honest co 6 When I first heard about The Honest Company* I was a bit skeptical. I went through the process and got my free diaper and wipe samples and while I wasn’t a huge fan of he diapers I instantly fell in love with the thick cloth like wipes. Since I didn’t love the diapers I didn’t continue with a subscription even though I loved the wipes. A few months later I tried their Essentials Bundle free trial and I really liked the healing balm and the shampoo and conditioner. After that I decided that the $35.95 per month for the five essentials (including wipes!!) was a good deal so I became a subscriber. Fast forward two years and we are still subscribers and now Honest is finally available in stores so I can get wipes whenever I want! honestco rwt ig

One of the stores you can find Honest in is Whole Foods which is great if you’re like me and basically live there. Right now Whole Foods in the Pacific Northwest (and maybe other areas- let me know if you’re not from the PNW and have seen one at your store) are hosting Honest Pop Up Shops and with that you can chat with reps from Honest Co, the ones I met were super nice and informative and had a desire to hear your likes and dislikes. Not only can you meet some of the Honest team members but you also can save 30% off all Honest products which I have been informed is the best deal you’ll see in retail stores.

That being said I ended up picking up a package of diapers because while we try to cloth the majority of the time with two we do find ourselves turning to disposables about 40% of the time. I really wanted to give them another try as well. I also picked up wipes because, duh, I love them. I picked up a little hand sanitizer for the diaper bag because while I am not big into hand sanitizers sometimes it’s nice to use. I also decided to pick up the deodorant. Now I have been eyeing it every time I go to order my bundle since it’s been released but even with the 25% off I get for up to three add-on items I didn’t know if it was worth the cost. Well I finally bought it and I’m testing it out right now. In addition to what I purchased which for full disclosures sake I received a $20 Whole Foods gift card to go shopping with I also received the cute Honest Tote which you can buy online and I just love it and I received a travel sized healing balm and that super cute succulent.
Honest Co

Moving on from what I purchased at Whole Foods I also recently received our Essentials Bundle and I thought I would share that as well. We get our bundle every 6-9 weeks depending on what we need. When you go look at your bundle you can change the date and just keep pushing it out until you need your order which makes it really easy and I love that I don’t have to get a box every month. So this order I got:honest co 3glass+window cleaner: this is a new product for us and I haven’t used it yet.

multi-surface cleaner: this time I ordered just the concentrate since we already have a bottle we are finishing up right now.
honest co 4

4-in-1 laundry packs: because they are my favorite.

oxy boost: another item we order regularly because it works great.
honest co 2

wipes: duh.

bug spray: this was a new item that I ordered since we are doing a lot of camping this summer. I used to this past weekend and it seemed to work!

soothing bottom wash: since I’m too lazy to make my own cloth wipes spray I just use this and I think it works fine.

Do you use Honest products? What are you favorites?

11351310_10153257644442180_3216249455945366997_n Screen Shot 2015-06-04 at 8.12.03 PM


Disclaimer: All links are affiliate links. If you decide to give Honest a try and want to click my link – thank you! Also I was provided with a $20 Whole Foods gift card and a few free products but I was not required to purchase any Honest products or write a review. As for the Essential Bundle we buy that with our own dollars. 

Picnics In Portland | NadaMoo Ice Cream Social


This weeks snack date is a pretty special one that not only involves a park, a picnic and ice cream but it’s the first time in months that our three families were all able to get together. Most of our snack dates are just the moms and kids but this time the dads were able to join us as well. It’s always great when we can all get together. MemorialDay-CathedralPark-20150883

For our snack date this week we had NadaMoo a coconut milk based frozen dessert. This was the perfect ice cream substitute for our group as some of us don’t do dairy and others don’t do tree nuts so a coconut milk base worked for all of us. Plus really who doesn’t love ice cream or non-dairy frozen dessert? MemorialDay-CathedralPark-20150901

If you were directed here from Running With Tongs then you know that we received six flavors and that Neil and Edith got into the Cookies & Creme and I got into the Chocolate Almond Chip before we made it to the picnic. No worries though I think some of the best flavors were in these four cartons anyways.

These little munchkins seemed to enjoy themselves.MemorialDay-CathedralPark-20150919MemorialDay-CathedralPark-20150917

The adults seemed to as well. MemorialDay-CathedralPark-20150914

Before spending some time rolling in the grass we took an informal poll (of the adults) to see how the flavors ranked. The top flavor was definitely the Maple Pecan and the very close second was the Mint Chip. The babies seemed to like the chocolate …that may have been because it was the least favorite of the adults and therefore there was some left at the end for them to taste. The kids didn’t really express any favorites but I noticed Edith finished off her Maple Pecan and Mint Chip and left most of the chocolate and vanilla – so I’d say she enjoyed those ones.

I was actually surprised that I even liked the Mint Chip.There was something just super fresh about the mint and I loved that it didn’t just have flecks of chocolate in it but rather mini chocolate chips. Mom K said that she isn’t usually into mint chip either but she really enjoyed it as well.

Over all the ranking of the four would go:

  1. Maple Pecan
  2. Mint Chip
  3. Vanilla
  4. Chocolate

I’d add the chocolate almond to my top three but the cookies and creme would go straight to the bottom for me.

MemorialDay-CathedralPark-20150965MemorialDay-CathedralPark-20150975MemorialDay-CathedralPark-20150935After indulging in NadaMoo we took advantage of the sun, the grass and the time to just lay back and relax (as much as you can with babies and toddlers). We watched/played baseball, bubbles and even got to watch a train pass by our picnic site. We are looking forward to the summer and many more picnics together.

Side Note: Portland Area Friends NadaMoo is coming to New Seasons in June and Haggen this Summer!

Disclaimer: This post contains no sponsored content. Occasionally I am sent products for review but they will only be featured if I truly like them. 

Portland Area Sites | Cooper Mountain Nature Park

Cooper Mountain  Naturally FamilyCooper Mountain - view pano
This post is long over do but a few weeks ago we (finally) visited Cooper Mountain. We have lived in the area for over two years now and it wasn’t until April that we finally made it to this really great nature park. We lucked out it and it was a beautiful sunny day for a nature walk.Cooper Mountain - Edith
We were joined by our friends K, K, & L which always makes a nature walk more fun. Cooper Mountain is made up of a number of short paths that connect together allowing you to create your own nature walk.Cooper Mountain - eidth and kate
Cooper Mountain - nap
We ended up choosing a bit of a longer path and well Edith decided that she needed a bit of a break. Cooper Mountain - Play Structure

Once we made it back to the top of Cooper Mountain we stopped by the playground for a snack and a little bit of playtime before heading back for lunch.

Snack Date - Snack Out Loud Foods Snack Date - Snack Out Loud Foods Crunchy Bean

See our full snack date post here. 

Weekend at the Coast | Out & About in JJ Cole Style


Happy Be-lated Mother’s Day! We spent our Mother’s Day Weekend at the coast playing in the sun, sand and surf.


We lucked out and the weather at the coast was just perfect. We rented a house in Arch Cape which is about half way between Manzanita and Cannon Beach. We actually spent Mother’s Day Weekend at Cannon Beach last year as well; I guess we are starting a new tradition. This year however we ventured a bit further south to Manzanita Beach after hearing so many recommendations from co-workers and friends. I have to say it lived up to the hype and the beach was beautiful. We didn’t spend much time in town but there seemed to be a good number of restaurants, cafes and little shops.


We may have forgot to put Edith in more water appropriate clothes and a change of clothes. Oh well she had a blast but requested a warm cup of “coffee” (steamed non-dairy milk) post wading.


After our morning visit to Manzanita Beach we headed back to the beach house for lunch and an attempted nap. Since napping just wasn’t going to happen we packed the kids up and headed into the downtown of Cannon Beach in search of chocolate and a spot to lay out and relax on our new JJ Cole® All-Purpose Outdoor Blanket.


While we searched for chocolate Neil tried out the JJ Cole Agility Carrier.


Once we finally got our hands on a box of chocolates we headed to the park across the street and unpacked our blanket to sit on. We shared our box of chocolates, read a few books, played a game of tag and then it was time to pack up. We walked around town a bit before finally heading back to the beach house for dinner.


We ended our evening with a sunset visit to the beach. We seriously rented the best place that was just one block from the access to a super quiet beach. Our first night we went down to the beach as well and it was super windy so Alder hid in the carrier but the second night he was all about digging into the sand.

KIMG_4176 KIMG_4197 KIMG_4201

For more photos check out my post on RWT and on our Instagram.

*Disclaimer: We were provided product for this review. As always all opinions are our own.

JJ Cole items featured in our post:

JJ Cole Heather Caprice

Heather Caprice (find it at Babies R Us): This has become our primary diaper bag because we just love the style, the color and the size. I knew we would love it because if you remember a few years back we had a JJ Cole bag that we used until we wore it out. This bag has two huge insulated pockets on the side, a great zippered pocket on the front where I store my keys, phone and mom things. On the other side there is an outside pocket that holds the changing pad. In the center is a big zippered section that has four pockets inside perfect for holding diapers, books, changes of clothes and snacks. The only pockets I don’t get are the two mini ones on the front; what are they for? I guess I could store lipgloss in them but not much else. P.S. If you want to see an updated ‘What’s In My Diaper Bag’ post let me know in the comments below.

JJ Cole Prairie Blossom Outdoor Blanket

Prairie Blossom Outdoor Blanket (find it at buybuyBABY): This blanket is my new favorite thing. The blanket is 100% Polyester with PVC Coating which means you don’t have to worry about a damp ground or even better taking the beach home with you. When we left the beach we just shook it off, folded it up and off we went. That’s another thing I love, how easy it is to fold up and carry. The cool thing is that it actually has a stiff square that you use as as guide when folding which allows you to get the blanket back into the same shape as when you took it out of the package. Now if only I could find tents and sleeping bags that do the same thing – tell me I’m not the only one that can’t see to get my tent back into the bag without a huge struggle.

JJ Cole Agility Carrier

Agility Carrier (find it at Babies R Us, buybuyBABY, Target, Amazon): I had no idea until recently that JJ Cole even had a babycarrier so I was excited to try it when the opportunity came along. So what did I think? Well I wanted to like the carrier but honestly it just didn’t work well for us. First I think that while the carrier can hold up to 35 pounds in my opinion as a certified babywearing educator I really think that for both the wearer and the positioning of the baby 15-20 or so pounds is the ideal max weight. I also had trouble with the fit of the carrier because it is sized and actually it fit Neil just a bit better than it fit me. I wonder if I went up a size (I tried a large) if it would work but I think that it might have been just a bit too big in an extra large. The thing I would say with this carrier is that it’s better for younger babies and it is something that you want to try on first for size before buying. That all being said it was well made, the fabric was soft, it was easy to put on because basically it was like putting on a shirt and the back panel is a nice feature that adds a bit more support.

Earth Day 2015 | Tualatin River National Wildlife Refuge

Earth Day 2015 - Wildlife Refuge

Most Wednesday’s we drop Neil off at work in the morning and instead of heading home we head out on a nature adventure. This week we headed to Sherwood, Oregon to the Tualatin River National Wildlife Refuge. I had originally heard about this spot from a friend who came across their preschool program called puddle stompers. This past Wednesday just happened to be Earth Day which made it even more perfect for us to spend some time in nature. Scroll to the bottom to see a photo of our little adventure or just keep on reading.

Earth Day 2015 - Wildlife Refuge-cleanshoes Earth Day 2015 - Wildlife Refuge-selfie Earth Day 2015 - Wildlife Refuge-BridgeRun


Edith had a blast walking the trail, running across the rickety bridge and she loved throwing grass in the river aka her new favorite thing. The path at the refuge is well maintained and is perfect for toddlers which makes my life easier when I am out with both kids. You are just surrounded my trees and greenery and there is the river and we saw lots of birds but no other wildlife – I guess we will have to return!

Earth Day 2015 - Wildlife Refuge-Pano RiverEarth Day 2015 - Wildlife Refuge-The River is the Lifeblood of the Refuge  Earth Day 2015 - Wildlife Refuge-pano refugeEarth Day 2015 - Wildlife Refuge-Snack

We ended our adventure with snacks on the bench over looking the wildlife refuge. Before heading home we popped inside to check the space out and found a really discovery room. Edith and Alder loved exploring it. We were a bit crunched for time so we only spent a few minutes exploring but we will be back to check it out again and to do another nature walk soon.
Earth Day 2015 - Wildlife Refuge-PanoDiscoveryRoom