Portland With Kids | World Forestry Center

Last Spring we came across a Google Deal for a membership to the World Forestry Center. At the time we were trying to take in as much as Portland as we could so we decided to take advantage of the membership deal. Little did we know that this would end up being one our favorite museums in Portland. We have had our membership for nearly a year now and we still love the museum and plan to renew our membership.


The thing that we love about this museum is how interactive it is and we have loved watching Edith play and learn here over the past year. Beyond the interactive forestry exhibits (you’ll see more photos of those below) there is always a rotating exhibit upstairs and there are events for adults and children throughout the year.

In the Fall they have a coffee event that we attended where we were able to meet some local roasters and taste a variety of coffees. Also starting in the Fall and on through Spring there are Mommy & Me Monday’s where local children’s performers stop by for music or storytime. We didn’t make it to many Mommy & Me Monday’s this year but the ones we did attend were so much fun and we hope to attend more this Fall (p.s. if this type of event interest you it’s totally worth buying the $50 membership just for this event).


On our latest trip to the World Forestry Center Neil and Edith inspected various types of wood, took a “wild” white water rafting ride, snuggled with some bunnies, crawled through a log, planted some trees took a “ride” on the train and then visited the Dr. Suess exhibit. While every visit we see the same things I find that we explore them in a new way and we are all learning something new. IMG_8006 IMG_8042 IMG_7958 IMG_7945 IMG_8050 IMG_8059 IMG_8051What is your favorite Portland Museum? Have you been to the World Forestry Center?

Operation Kind Kids Coming to OMSI

operation kind kidsKIND  and Sprout have teamed up to launch Operation Kind Kids – a program designed to inspire kindness through everyday thoughtful acts. On May 31st, as part of its Kindness Counts initiative KIND  and Sprout will be hosting family-friendly events across the country. Preschoolers and caregivers are invited to attend and discover new ways to incorporate kindness into their daily routines.

Here in Portland this event will be held at the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry (OMSI).

WHAT: The special event, aimed at teaching kids the importance of being kind, will feature a variety of activity stations, including:

  • Get creative: Kids will have the chance to express what kindness means to them and share their vision as part of a collage wall.
  • A kind act a day: Attendees will take home a calendar to track daily kind acts
  • Pay it forward: Nothing brightens someone’s day quite like a flower, which is why kids will be invited to pick a flower and share it with someone in their life.
  • Strike a pose: The whole family will have the chance to capture their experience in front of a fun photo backdrop
  • Snack better: KIND Healthy Grains bars will be on hand for parents and their little ones to enjoy

Admittance will be free with the cost of museum admission ($13.00/adults, $9.50/kids, kids 3 and under are free)

WHEN: Saturday, May 31 from 11:00am – 2:00pm

Neil and Edith will be at the event and hope to see you there!

Not in Portland? Check here to for more details and to find an Operation Kind Kids event near you!

operation kinds kids mapDisclaimer: Neil is receiving free admission to OMSI in order to attend this event. All thoughts and opinions are our own.


Park Adventures // Holly Farm Park

We are taking advantage of as many Portland area parks as we can this summer and we just crossed our first one off our list yesterday! Here are some photos from our adventure. If you would like to read more (or see more photos) about Holly Farm Park and our experience you can do so here.

IMG_7216 IMG_7236 IMG_7275 IMG_7288 IMG_7296

Portland Snow Days

While this isn’t Edith’s first snow it is the first snow that she has really experienced. I took her out on Thursday when it started snowing and she was in love and was pretty upset when I said that it was time to head back inside. Yesterday we woke up to even more snow and Neil and I took her outside to play around in the snow. To top off the snow day we took a snowy walk to dinner (we have no food in the house) and she had a blast. It also took us three times as long to get there because Edith wanted to scoop snow and put it on us or just lay down on the side walk and roll around in it. Unfortunately we didn’t catch our dinner walk in photos but I would say Edith had the time of her life.
snowday- edith
snowday e and dada
snowday neil> My little snow angels
snowday angel e
snowday E> Snow fight!
snowday in the face

> Over on Running With Tongs I’m sharing our snowed in Nutty Date Ball Recipe which is toddler approved!

Date Ball Muncher

Q: Has your little one experienced snow? What was there reaction?

Portland Sites: Zoo Lights

A few weeks ago we had the opportunity to visit the Zoo Lights at the Oregon Zoo and while it was freezing out we had a wonderful time.


>We started off with dinner at the Cascade Grill.




> My mom’s omnivore meal.


> Our soup and salad; although simple it was tasty!




> Neil and I took advantage of the grandparents and went on the most un-thrilling “thrill ride” ever.


> Edith walked the entire zoo and was in love with all of the lights. Side note she was probably the most well dressed–> SO COLD!

EdithLindsayZooLights> We definitely will be attending next year!

Portland Macy’s Holiday Parade

We hadn’t planned to be around for Thanksgiving, we had hotel reservations to go to Seattle, a Thanksgiving dinner invite by Seattle friends and a weekend full of exploring to do but that all changed when Neil spent two weeks working 10-12 hour days and weekends. Instead of traveling for the holiday we decided to stay local and have a mini stay-cation. While planning our weekend at home I entered a giveaway to win VIP seating tickets for the Portland Macy’s Day Parade and lucky us we won!

This morning after a particularly early wake-up we headed downtown to take our seats and watch the parade. Neil and I were both curious and anxious to see how Edith would react to the parade- would it be too loud? Would she be overwhelmed? Would she have any reaction at all? While we would have liked to stay until the end E’s early wake-up meant she was ready for a nap by 9:30am and by 9:45am we were packing up and making our way out. Although we didn’t make it to the end this year hopefully next year we will!


Well the parade started and Edith climbed into my lap and stood up so she could get a good look. She loved the bands, the floats and the horses. She would point and get so excited as each float/band/ect. passed by. Neither of us could have wished for a better response.

EdithCookieMunchingMacysParade> She also loved munching on a peanut butter cookie while we waited for the parade to start.


EdithWatchingMacysParadeDid you attend a holiday parade this year? Did you watch the NYC Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade? I used to watch it every year but since we haven’t had cable the past few years we have missed it.

Day In Our Life: Sunday Staycation

This past weekend we ended up having an impromtu staycation. After weeks of moving, conferences and other commitments it was nice to actually spend the entire weekend as a family. On Saturday visited one of the many museums we have a membership to, did a little window shopping, went out to lunch and spent the night relaxing. Sunday we started our day just like we always do with a nice walk to our favorite local coffee shop.
Walk To Coffee Shop> Americanos for the adults and a special hemp milk hot chocolate (light on the chocolate) for the little one.

Either:Or PDX

Edith Hot Chocolate Either:Or PDX> Then we walked home which took forever because two little legs wanted to walk ALL the way home as well.  We also had to make a few “coffee” break stops and of course had to pick up ever leaf on the ground.

Edith Walk With Coffee> After our morning coffee date we headed to the farmers market to pick up some goodies for the week. Edith was in heaven because she could sample just about every item of produce that was being sold all while riding in the wagon.

Hillsdale Farmers Market Edith and Neil

Hillsdale Farmers Market Wagon

> After the market we stopped over to Sasquatch Brewery for a beer tasting and light lunch.

Saqsquatch Brewery Skeleton

Saqsquatch Brewery PDX> Our busy morning out and about left E exhausted so of course she fell asleep in the car on the ride home so while Neil put away our groceries I sat in the car and played Pet Rescue Saga while E slept. *side note I am unfortunately addicted to this game and all out of lives- who wants to send me some? 😉

Pet Rescue Saga

> The remainder of our day was spent drawing, reading books and eventually putting E to bed so that Neil and I could catch up on a show and cuddle on the couch.

What did you do this weekend?