Portland Snow Days

While this isn’t Edith’s first snow it is the first snow that she has really experienced. I took her out on Thursday when it started snowing and she was in love and was pretty upset when I said that it was time to head back inside. Yesterday we woke up to even more snow and Neil and I took her outside to play around in the snow. To top off the snow day we took a snowy walk to dinner (we have no food in the house) and she had a blast. It also took us three times as long to get there because Edith wanted to scoop snow and put it on us or just lay down on the side walk and roll around in it. Unfortunately we didn’t catch our dinner walk in photos but I would say Edith had the time of her life.
snowday- edith
snowday e and dada
snowday neil> My little snow angels
snowday angel e
snowday E> Snow fight!
snowday in the face

> Over on Running With Tongs I’m sharing our snowed in Nutty Date Ball Recipe which is toddler approved!

Date Ball Muncher

Q: Has your little one experienced snow? What was there reaction?

Portland Sites: Zoo Lights

A few weeks ago we had the opportunity to visit the Zoo Lights at the Oregon Zoo and while it was freezing out we had a wonderful time.


>We started off with dinner at the Cascade Grill.




> My mom’s omnivore meal.


> Our soup and salad; although simple it was tasty!




> Neil and I took advantage of the grandparents and went on the most un-thrilling “thrill ride” ever.


> Edith walked the entire zoo and was in love with all of the lights. Side note she was probably the most well dressed–> SO COLD!

EdithLindsayZooLights> We definitely will be attending next year!

Portland Macy’s Holiday Parade

We hadn’t planned to be around for Thanksgiving, we had hotel reservations to go to Seattle, a Thanksgiving dinner invite by Seattle friends and a weekend full of exploring to do but that all changed when Neil spent two weeks working 10-12 hour days and weekends. Instead of traveling for the holiday we decided to stay local and have a mini stay-cation. While planning our weekend at home I entered a giveaway to win VIP seating tickets for the Portland Macy’s Day Parade and lucky us we won!

This morning after a particularly early wake-up we headed downtown to take our seats and watch the parade. Neil and I were both curious and anxious to see how Edith would react to the parade- would it be too loud? Would she be overwhelmed? Would she have any reaction at all? While we would have liked to stay until the end E’s early wake-up meant she was ready for a nap by 9:30am and by 9:45am we were packing up and making our way out. Although we didn’t make it to the end this year hopefully next year we will!


Well the parade started and Edith climbed into my lap and stood up so she could get a good look. She loved the bands, the floats and the horses. She would point and get so excited as each float/band/ect. passed by. Neither of us could have wished for a better response.

EdithCookieMunchingMacysParade> She also loved munching on a peanut butter cookie while we waited for the parade to start.


EdithWatchingMacysParadeDid you attend a holiday parade this year? Did you watch the NYC Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade? I used to watch it every year but since we haven’t had cable the past few years we have missed it.

Day In Our Life: Sunday Staycation

This past weekend we ended up having an impromtu staycation. After weeks of moving, conferences and other commitments it was nice to actually spend the entire weekend as a family. On Saturday visited one of the many museums we have a membership to, did a little window shopping, went out to lunch and spent the night relaxing. Sunday we started our day just like we always do with a nice walk to our favorite local coffee shop.
Walk To Coffee Shop> Americanos for the adults and a special hemp milk hot chocolate (light on the chocolate) for the little one.

Either:Or PDX

Edith Hot Chocolate Either:Or PDX> Then we walked home which took forever because two little legs wanted to walk ALL the way home as well.  We also had to make a few “coffee” break stops and of course had to pick up ever leaf on the ground.

Edith Walk With Coffee> After our morning coffee date we headed to the farmers market to pick up some goodies for the week. Edith was in heaven because she could sample just about every item of produce that was being sold all while riding in the wagon.

Hillsdale Farmers Market Edith and Neil

Hillsdale Farmers Market Wagon

> After the market we stopped over to Sasquatch Brewery for a beer tasting and light lunch.

Saqsquatch Brewery Skeleton

Saqsquatch Brewery PDX> Our busy morning out and about left E exhausted so of course she fell asleep in the car on the ride home so while Neil put away our groceries I sat in the car and played Pet Rescue Saga while E slept. *side note I am unfortunately addicted to this game and all out of lives- who wants to send me some? 😉

Pet Rescue Saga

> The remainder of our day was spent drawing, reading books and eventually putting E to bed so that Neil and I could catch up on a show and cuddle on the couch.

What did you do this weekend?

Busy Bees.

I just realized it has been almost two weeks since our last post and I am hanging my head in shame. I have about five posts started and a billion more in my head to write but right now our time has been occupied by an intensive four day babywearing educator course, my babywearing educator tests, a much needed family weekend and now we are preparing to move (hopefully) this coming weekend. I know we will have a little down time this week and I can’t wait to share everything but until then here are a few of my favorite photos from the weekend.







Travel: Edith Does DC

On our latest cross country trip we had an entire day to kill before flying out of Dulles Airport so we ended up heading into DC for brunch and some site seeing. Neil and I traveled to DC back in 2010 and we had such a great time so we were excited to bring Edith, even if it was just for the day. We stopped into Busboys & Poets for brunch, then made our way to the Natural History Museum and then ended our trip with a quick stop at Sticky Fingers for some vegan cupcakes. I can’t wait to head back to DC when Edith is older and can really enjoy all the sites and museums.

Edith Does DC Capitol (1 of 1)

Edith Does DC Elephant (1 of 1)

Edith Does DC Elephant Wow (1 of 1)

Edith Does DC Learning  (1 of 1)

Edith Does DC Skulls (1 of 1)

Edith Does DC Mama & Baby (1 of 1)

Baby/Toddler Travels: Cross Country

This past weekend we packed ourselves up and took to the skies traveling from Portland, Oregon to Charlottesville, Virigina via Dulles Airport. This was Neil’s first time flying with Edith and my second time flying cross country with her. I know that there are a ton of posts floating around about tips for flying with a baby and/or toddler but I still feel the urge to share what worked for us so here I go.

Edith Flys United Airlines (1 of 1)

  1. Flights: We had a number of options for flights so we tried to be fairly methodical when choosing which one we would take. We ended up deciding to take direct flights both ways because they start time of both were when Edith usually naps. We also took into consideration that our other flight options basically took us directly south and then across the country which really didn’t do anything for us except add 4+ hours of travel time to our day.
  2. Airport & Boarding: We chose not to be overly early for our flights. Instead we arrived 60-90 minutes before our boarding time and we had no issues getting through airport security. We then spent the remainder of the time running Edith ragged. We wanted her tired out and ready to sit and relax on the plane and hopefully sleep. I changed her diaper about 10 minutes before boarding time so she was already to go. When it came time to board we did not board first.  I cannot emphasize this enough that you should wait until at least half of the plane is full before boarding.  Babies and children get antsy on the plane so let them have as much freedom as possible before getting on. If you are traveling with a husband, friend, partner, family member, ect. you can always have them get on first and settle in before you bring your little one on.
  3. Seating: When it comes to seating on the plane we like to go with a middle and a window seat. I know others suggest the aisle and middle but it worked for us because Edith loved to look out the window. As for which seats to choose we made a rookie mistake and decided to go with the regular economy seats (we flew United) and between all of our things, Edith on our laps and the two kids in front of us who decided to recline their seats all the way back we did not have enough room for a 5+ hour flight. On the way back we decided to change our seats to economy plus which had more leg room and bonus because we switched our seats when we arrived to airport we were able to get a row to ourselves (huzzah!) That all being said if your little one is going to be riding on your lap I really suggest upgrading for cross country flights. If we were only flying 2-3 hour we probably wouldn’t bother but for 5+ hours it makes a huge difference.
  4. On The Plane: When we first got seated I took out my nifty calming balm and rubbed a little below Edith’s nose.  It is apparently supposed to calm babies and help them to relax and go to sleep. I am not sure if it was the calming balm or the time of day but Edith slept for about half of the flight there and the entire flight back. In case Edith didn’t sleep I packed up a small bag of toys which included books, crayons, coloring pages, flashcards, stickers and playdough. I also brought some headphones for Edith and loaded the iPad with some really awesome baby friendly apps.  We didn’t really end up using many of the entertainment items due to Edith’s amazing ability to sleep on the plane but they did come in handy for entertainment while we were at our destination.

Edith Flys (1 of 1)

I have to say we had an extremely easy time flying.  We don’t have anymore flights planned right now but with family and friends on the opposite coast I imagine we will be making another cross country flight in the near(ish) future.

What are you tips for flying with a baby or toddler?

You can check out everything I brought on the plane in our diaper bag here.