Weekend Snapshots | Out of the House

Magnolia Park Picinic - Neil Magnolia Park Picinic - Yoga Magnolia Park Picinic - Alder & Edith Magnolia Park Picinic - Alder Magnolia Park Picnic Magnolia Park Picinic - A&E

We have been stuck at home for the past week with the plague. Okay that’s a bit dramatic but yes we are going through the fun cycle of sickness. Edith was sick with something I am guess was viral and had a low grade fever for a few days and now is just showing cold symptoms. Of course that means the rest of us are now starting to get sick as well. I’d say Alder is sick because of all of the snotty kisses from Edith and Neil and I are sick from the snotty kisses and the fact that we have probably had a combined 20 hours of sleep in the past 7 days.

In spite of all the sickness we decided that we all needed to get out of the house this weekend and enjoy the sun and fresh air. For those few hours that we found ourselves out of the house we had a really nice time and we seemed to forget about the sickness, at least until Edith decided to wipe her nose on my arm. Now we are back in the sickness groove – one I hope we fall out of by the end of the week. I am hoping for clear skies, sunshine and warm temperatures this weekend so that we might once again spend it at the park.

Weekend Fun | Forest Park Hike

Happy Daylight Savings! Yeah I don’t know how happy you are about it but I’m less than thrilled. I’m also less than thrilled that Neil moved our clock in the bedroom forward instead of back so he and Edith were up at 5am while he was thinking it was 7am (can we say daylight savings fail?) Anyways we made the best of our extra early morning and after breakfast and coffee we headed out for a hike.

We decided to start our hike at the Audubon Society so that we could first check out the birds at the bird hospital there. It’s also a great place to start and end a hike because they have bathrooms, it’s the little things.

Forest Park Hike raven

>> We checked out the birds first and got to see this amazing huge raven. Edith had to snap a few photos of it was well. She has really taken to “taking photos” and even has to “take photos” while we cook and of her food. I think we might need to consider getting her a little inexpensive digital camera – any suggestions?

Forest Park Hike ma and kids

>> Neil started our hike wearing Edith and here they are looking at the water (sorry it didn’t make it into the photo) but of course Edith had to take photos of the water as well.

Forest Park Hike photos

>> Alder fell asleep on our way to the Audubon Society and I easily transitioned him out of this carseat (seriously one of the best features of our carseat is that is rotates for easy in and out) and into the carrier where he peacefully slept for the first half of our hike.

Forest Park Hike

>> Half-way through the hike and we stopped to eat a huge honey crisp apple and of course Alder wanted to eat as well so we took a seat and had a snack.

Forest Park Hike breastfeeding

>> SWITCH! We switched babes and Edith wanted to ride on my back which I was thrilled about because it is so much easier to hike with a child on your back even if they weigh twice as much as the one previously on your front. I don’t get to wear Edith quite as much anymore so I was thrilled to have that time with her. I have to say she is a pretty supportive rider as well- when we hit a steep point and I slowed down a bit she would say “mama, make it?” and I’d say “Yes Edith, we’re going to make it” and then she would reply “mama gots this”.

Forest Park Hike Edith back

>> Once we made it back to the top I convinced Edith to give me a break and to walk back to the car. She agreed but she needed to have her own walking stick.

Forest Park hike Family

>> After our hike we were all ready for lunch and so we headed to Harlow to refuel. Edith insisted on having a bowl of oatmeal (odd request for her) so luckily it was still brunch time and we ordered her a big bowl which she proceeded to eat almost all of it.

Harlow Oatmeal

>> While we are feeling pretty run down after the early wake-up we had a fun and successful day. Edith made it to bed at the new 7:30pm and was asleep quickly after so here’s hoping that she wakes up at 6am tomorrow and not 5am!

What did you do this weekend? How did Daylight Savings go for your and/or your little ones? 

Weekend Snapshots | Oregon Coast


We spent our weekend soaking up the beautiful weather at the Oregon Coast. We enjoyed playing in the sand, a little hiking and attempts at getting family photos. Here are a few snapshots and I’ll be sharing more stories from our weekend later this week.

NetartsTrip2014-Alder&NeilBay NetartsTrip2014-AlderBeachkisses NetartsTrip2014-CapeLookOutSunTrees NetartsTrip2014-CapeLookoutLindsayTree NetartsTrip2014-CapeLookoutEveryone NetartsVacation2014-CapeLookoutBeachWalk NetartsVacation2014-CapeMearesSign NetartsVacation2014-CapeMearesOrbit NetartsVacation2014-CapeMearesLighthouseEdith

Weekend Snapshots: The Sou’Wester, $5 5K & Edith v The Chickens

IMG_8940 IMG_8912 Sou'Wester- edith sit IMG_8710 IMG_8893 Sou'Wester- E & N Beach IMG_8957 IMG_8977 Astoria- Family IMG_9005 IMG_9011 IMG_9020 IMG_9034We spent our weekend running the roads and found ourselves in Seaview, WA at our favorite spot The Sou’Wester and then Sunday we were back in Portland for Neil’s 5k and then we headed up to Mississippi Avenue to visit the chickens.  What did you do this weekend? Check out more about our trip to The Sou’Wester over on Running With Tongs.