Ergo Adventures In Portland: OMSI

Moving to a new city is like going on Vacation if you don’t count living there full time and oh yeah working, but as for everything else it is just like a vacation (sort of). Anyways we have been working our way through the popular tourist and local spots and one of our favorites is the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry (OMSI).


We love it so much that we even went ahead and bought ourselves a membership which honestly is a must if you live in the area because with two adults you get your monies worth in just 4 or 5 visits. I often visit during the day with Edith to have play dates or just enjoy the baby area together. On the weekends we go as a family and explore other parts of the museum as well as give Edith a little free time to play.


Since strollers are bulky and carrying Edith gets tiring we take turns wearing her in the Ergo. On our last trip I wore her in the Ergo and we explored Turbine Hall and the Desert Air: Photographs by George Steinmetz exhibit. Edith loved the Turbine Hall, especially the flying cups and she loved looking at George Steinmetz photos especially the ones that had camels in them. We ended our visit at the baby play area where Edith made a few new friends and licked every toy she could get her hands on.


We are hoping to visit again soon and stop in at the MythBusters exhibit* before it is gone.

*This is an extra fee but as a member you can buy tickets at a reduced rate.

Disclaimer: This post is NOT sponsored we are just sharing the love. All opinions are our own.

Nursing Friendly Dresses

Lately I have been trying to update my wardrobe a bit with some clothes that actually fit and don’t say maternity on the label.  I have been doing okay with tops and pants but skirts and dresses are my issue.  Dresses are especially difficult because I find so many that I really like but the majority of them are not nursing friendly. I am now on the prowl for some nursing friendly dresses that either unbutton on the front or are a wrap style that make nursing easy. Here are a few of my favorites that I have come across so far.

Nursing Friendly Dresses

What are your tips for finding cute nursing friendly tops and dresses?

Weekend Snapshots

I know this is a little on the late side but I wanted to get the photos up before this weekend starts.  Next week we should have some fun photos from our adventure to the shore.

Camera 360




Monday’s Around the Web: March 25



I am already wishing it was October so I could make these DIY onesies.

Since I love to show off Edith’s cloth diapers she lives in baby legs when we are at home so it would be great to make our own.

It’s too late for this but maybe IF (big if) we decide to go for round two we have to try this …or we need to become newborn photographers.

Have too many old t-shirts that you don’t know what to do with? Why not make them into rompers?

I am dying to make Edith a little kitchen of her own for her birthday and have been looking for inspiration here is one I found recently.

Home remedies…

I love this reflexology guide to your babies feet (or your own really).


I am in love with this beautiful photo.

Active Family…

I am lusting after this bike contraption– where can I get one?!?


The top 100 children’s books– how many have you read? I have read 8 out of the top 10.

Buying For Baby: Consignment

I have always been a huge fan of consignment shopping and thrifting. I used to spend hours browsing at my favorite consignment shop Battery Street Jeans when I was a teen and my love for used clothing is still alive.  Now I seek out consignment shops, sales and thrift stores to find baby clothes for Edith.  As we all know babies go through clothes so quickly and they can be messy so as much as I’d like to buy cute outfits at full price that just never happens.


The other day I went to a big kids consignment sale, the first one I’d ever been to and I had dreams of finding inexpensive clothes and gear for Edith that we might need for her over the next few months.  I had just read Caitlin’s post about finding lots of great deals for Henry and I was jazzed to find my own deals.

Well I arrived early and was ready to go, cash in hand and as I made my way to the girls clothing section I was pretty impressed by just how big the sale was. Well then I started looking through the racks of clothes and started to see that so many things were just way overpriced. My personal philosophy based on my many years of working in retail is if I can buy it brand new on the sale for the same or less than what it cost used than it’s a no go. Most of the clothing was just so over worn that I couldn’t imagine who would want to buy them especially the over worn leggings from target that I often buy on sale for $2.50 that were being sold for $5-6 (crazy right?).


Well I ended up finding a few good deals and moved on to the gear section of the sale which was just terrible.  So many things were so over used and over priced (I should say right now that this was only the 2nd day of the sale that goes 4 days). Again if I can buy it on Amazon for less than what you priced it I am obviously going to buy it new.

Overall I would say bigger isn’t better. I found a few clothing items but for the most part things were over priced and over used. I actually have found the best second hand clothes at small consignment shops and church thrift stores. Have you ever been to a mega consignment sale? What was your experience?

My purchases totaling $25:

20130315_125957 20130315_130027 20130315_130145

Lullaby And Goodnight

I know you are all waiting patiently for part two of Our Approach to Solids and I will be posting that very soon but for now lets talk about sleep.

Ever since I learned this song at baby yoga back in September we have been singing it to Edith every night. It is crazy how much it soothes her. I mean she completely stops crying, calms down and at night goes to sleep. I am just waiting for it not to work anymore but for the last 6 months it has.

Do you have a lullaby that you sing to your children or do you remember one your parents sang to you as a child?

The Wonder Weeks

We have been experiencing some challenging times over here. We have had teething, a cold, and now we are at a peak wonder week. Lets just say sleep has been lacking, tears have been flowing and there is crankiness all around. IMG_20130319_090447

Last night was particularly challenging with Edith waking up almost every 1.5 hours and it would take 30-40 minutes to get her to settle and go back to sleep.  It is normal for her to wake up 2-3 times per night and we nurse and she is back to bed within 10-20 minutes. Last night it was 30-40 minutes and 20-30 of those minutes involved lots of screaming, flailing around and throwing her head back.

Needless to say no one got any sleep last night.

This morning wasn’t much better either.

Edith started out the morning being pretty cranky and wouldn’t settle down for her morning nap which is usually around 9/9:30am.  By 10am she still wouldn’t settle and fought me when I tried to change her diaper.  Then she just lost it. We had 10 minutes of inconsolable screaming and crying.  There was nothing I could do to get her to calm down and besides the diaper change I have no idea what set it off.  Finally after 10 minutes she calmed down, cuddled up to me, nursed and passed out for a good 60-75 minutes.


Post nap we had lunch, a bath (which she loved) and I even got to shower. Then we nursed and Edith fell asleep on me and slept for 2.5 hours (I passed out for a bit too). Then she woke up and she was like a new person, happy, playful and ready to take on the afternoon. The evening was much better and we got out for a quick walk, shared some dinner, watched Yo Gabba Gabba!, crawled around chasing each other, read books, nursed and then Edith settled and went to bed fairly easy.

IMG_20130319_123518          20130319_180323  IMG_20130319_175124          IMG_20130319_162132

I blame the crazy night(s) on The Wonder Weeks. Right now Edith is in her Sixth leap in her mental development and according to The Wonder Weeks this often means lots of crankiness.  It also means being extremely lovely and quickly going from difficult to extremely lovely <—this has been our life for the last week+. We are trying to manage the fussiness by getting out for walks, taking baths, listening to music, getting out to socialize and lots of cuddling.


At the end of all this (which could be as many as three more weeks) Edith may show the any of the following skills:

  • that she knows more words (already seeing this she is starting to say mama – it is a very MOMMMMMA right now)
  • makes it clear to you that she finds something dirty
  • imitates adults
  • recognizes herself in the mirror
  • can exaggerate her moods
  • plays peek-a-boo with herself
  • challenges others to play a game
  • claps hands
  • begins to practice crawling (Edith started crawling about 6-7 weeks ago but she is crawling way faster now)

Anyone else at the peak of a Wonder Week? How are you handling it?

p.s. this post is NOT sponsored. I had The Wonder Weeks app recommended to me and I finally bought it for $2 last night.  I would say for $2 it was worth it.

Weekend Snapshots: Hummus Face, Market and Family Run

20130315_180513            20130315_171934


20130316_110050           20130316_110040

20130316_122246           IMG_20130316_122453

20130316_150136            20130316_150704


What we did this weekend…

We kept things pretty tame over here this weekend and didn’t do anything too crazy or busy.  Friday late afternoon we headed to the Eastside and walked around Hawthorne St. for a bit stopping for coffee, window shopping and enjoying dinner out at TarBoush. Saturday we slept in and then headed to the Portland Farmers Market and then out to The Container Store and Native Foods. Sunday was pretty laid back with just a little early morning shopping at Target and Trader Joes. In the afternoon we walked around and then went for a family run.

Monday’s Around the Web: March 18



today I looked for some tips on overnight cloth diapering and in the end I think we will stick with disposables so I decided to order a bundle of these ones from Honest and used promo code BLOOMSPOT40 to get 5 packs of diapers and 4 packs of wipes for $48- good deal eh? (p.s. I am probably will cancel after this order)

things i’ve been pinning

this ridiculously cute mouse and

this bunny sweater and these little pants.

Oh and I want one of each of these bibs

and I aspire to be as fashionable as this lovely mama.

And although we don’t celebrate Easter around here we do celebrate Spring and I am loving all of these sugar-free gift ideas

Our Approach to Solids: Before the Real Eating

I am finally posting about how we are currently approaching solids with Edith, aren’t you excited? However, before I get right into the solids part I thought I should probably first explain how we started solids before any real food came into play.

Months 0-2.5

When Edith was first born Neil and I were eating most of our meals on the couch with Edith either in the swing, the Boppy lounger or in her bouncy chair. This worked pretty well for us and we ate dinner at our usually (early) time of about 5:30/6pm. However over time Edith decided that sitting in our arms was more fun than sitting in one of her chairs.IMG_2849

Months 2.5-4

We decided to put Edith to bed before we ate so that we could eat with free arms and have a little adult time together. We ended up not eating dinner until closer to 8pm which was a on the late side for us, especially me because I was ready for bed by 9pm.


Months 4-6

This is when things started to really change in how we decided to eat. Neil and I decided that 8pm was way too late for us to be eating dinner because of how close to bed time it was and because we were snacking around 5pm to hold us over, inevitably over eating. The other thing that really changed was our view on meal time. I really think that this is when it finally hit me that soon Edith would be eating solids and we started to think about how we wanted that to look.

We decided to eat dinner while Edith was still awake and sit at the table (most of the time) with her. I would hold her in my arms while we ate and then we would do our bedtime routine with her. This was so much better for us because we weren’t eating at a ridiculous hour and we were starting to expose Edith to food.


At around 5 months we decided to buy one of the high chairs you attach to a dining room table chair. We decided to go with this one because it also came with a toy attachment so that while we ate Edith could entertain herself. It was great because she was able to sit at the table with us and Neil and I could eat with both hands and at the same time we were preparing her for the future.

Also around 5 months we started letting her hold and play with vegetables. We started with cauliflower, broccoli and peppers. She would hold them and test them out with her mouth but never really ate any of them. This is when we started baby-led weaning (BLW) and at the time I don’t think we even realized it.

Months 6-6.5

At just 6 days shy of her 6 month birthday we got the green light from her pediatrician to start solids. Up to this point I was very much like oh we aren’t going to do rice cereal or purees and our pediatrician was guiding us towards the BLW route but for some reason I went out and bought both. Edith’s first real solids meal was brown rice cereal with butternut squash puree. She wasn’t much of a fan.


The second day of solids I tried the brown rice cereal and squash again but still not interested so I moved on to sweet potato puree which she really enjoyed and then to mangos which she loved. Over the next few weeks she tried a few other pureed packets but I never went back to the brown rice cereal. I honestly didn’t even know why I bought it in the first place because I had no real interest in giving it to her- maybe I thought it would help her gain a little weight?

Anyways, for the first two weeks we pretty much only gave Edith packets of pureed foods. We occasionally gave her avocado or a few veggies to play with like leafy greens and slices of bell peppers but we were primarily doing spoon feeding. During this time we were mindful to feed Edith slowly and to also let her touch and play with the puree since we were aware that those are two things that can be easily over looked when it comes to spoon feeding.


We continued to eat dinner together at the table like we had been prior to starting solids but as we did this Edith became less interested in the packets of pureed foods and more interested in our food. This got me thinking about looking more into the method behind BLW. At this point we were doing a little bit of it but had not yet fully taken the plunge so I headed over to Amazon and bought Baby-Led Weaning The Essential Guide To Introducing Solid Foods and Helping Your Baby Grow Up a Happy and Confident Eater.

Up next: The Move to (almost) Exclusive BLW and What Edith Eats