35 More Days of Summer | #summerbucketlist


There is officially a few more weeks before Summer turns into Fall. While we are in the midst of trying to get ready to move I can’t help but think about trying to fit in a few more fun things before the summer is officially over and the rainy season starts here in Oregon.

So I reviewed our bucket list and we have actually accomplished most of the items on it.

Visit a new park or playground. CHECK.

Visit a new park or playground. CHECK.

Go for a bike ride. CHECK.

Go for a bike ride. CHECK.

Enjoy a big bowl or cone of ice cream. CHECK.

Enjoy a big bowl or cone of ice cream. CHECK.

…but we still have a few things to cross off such as:

Attend an outdoor music event.

Attend an outdoor movie.

Make popsicles and enjoy them outside.

Have a lemonade stand.

Stay up late and lay under the stars. – 8/27 perfect day for this 

Go for a train ride.

Feed the ducks/geese at the pond.


What is/was on your bucket list for the summer? How many have you accomplished? Any musts before the summer is over? I think that attending an outdoor music event and going for a train ride are highest on our list. 


8.1.15 | Alder is One!

2015_08_15_Seattle - alderisone
Dear Alder,

I’m sorry that this post is going up 2+weeks after your first birthday but better late than never, eh? A year ago you changed our lives and made our family expand from three to four. We all fell in love with you instantly and everyday since we fall a little bit more in love with you. You are full of life and light. Your smile is contagious and you charm everyone you meet with it. We are so thankful to have you in our lives.

xo.Mama, Dada and Edith

Spontaneous Seattle Trip + OXOTot


Hello from Seattle friends! Alder, Edith and I took a spontaneous trip up to Seattle to stay with our friends from Germany who are here housesitting. It is the first trip I have taken by myself with the kids but luckily Neil took the bus up on Friday after work so we could see a bit of Seattle together and so I would have a driving partner.

Luckily OXO Tot sent us a few goodies that have made our road trip a bit easier.

First up is this travel potty. I know you’re thinking wow Edith is finally out of diapers! Nope she is still all about the diapers and we don’t push it (that’s for another post) but she does have an interest to go on the potty sometimes especially since her friends do/are starting to. That being said she will randomly request to use the potty so it has been a lifesaver to have this super easy travel potty. Plus it folds up and can be used as a seat cover if she wants to use the “big potty” somewhere.OXOTot

Next up is this OXOtot On-The-Go Wipes dispenser. Seriously it makes carrying wipes so much easier and they don’t get all dried out. We just keep ours in our car diaper station and it’s been perfect.


Oh and I can’t forget the to go cup with cover. Edith and Alder love their snacks so of course we have to pack like a million of them for road trips and this container makes it easy to keep their snacks available but also not have a huge mess in their carseats.

We actually came up to Seattle to help a friend out so we haven’t been doing many Seattle things. We have been cooking, walking the dog, a bit of cleaning, and playing. Today is our last day and with Neil finally here we might try and get in a few fun Seattle things (TBD). What are your travel essentials? What are your favorite Seattle things to do?


*Disclaimer: While OXO Tot was kind enough to send us these items we did not receive any additional compensation for writing this post. If you have been following us for awhile you know we are huge OXO Tot fans.

A Day In The Life: Jenkins Estate, Cooper Mountain & “Ice Cream”

Tuesday I decided that we were just going to have a fun day. No packing, no cleaning just a day out with my littles. We used to go out every Wednesday for an adventure but because of dance classes we haven’t been going so it felt great to just take sometime to explore together.

We started our day by bringing Neil to work and then we headed to Jenkin’s Estate. This was our first adventure here and it was really beautiful. There are said to be two or so miles of trails and there are gardens and there is a playground (although as we found out there are restrictions as to when you can use the playground). 2015_08_15_ADayInTheLifeNF-30 2015_08_15_ADayInTheLifeNF-27

One of our favorite spots at the Jenkin’s Estate was the garden where there were a number of beautiful vegetable plants and herbs and flowers and fruit trees. We had a wonderful time exploring.2015_08_15_ADayInTheLifeNF-23 2015_08_15_ADayInTheLifeNF-21 2015_08_15_ADayInTheLifeNF-19

Our next stop was Cooper Mountain which is just up the road from Jenkins Estate. We didn’t stay long though because it was overrun with older children and Edith felt a little overwhelmed.

Lunch break! We stopped into our old favorite Veggie Grill for a quick bite to eat and a nap for Alder. 2015_08_15_ADayInTheLifeNF-14

Back on the road again we stopped over at one of the parks in Beaverton after reading that the Nature Mobile would be there. Edith made a craft, searched for spider webs and played on the playground a bit before we had to head over to pick up Neil from work. 2015_08_15_ADayInTheLifeNF-12

Next up Edith and Alder’s one and three year check ups! Check out Alder’s birth announcement in back. 2015_08_15_ADayInTheLifeNF-11

Next up a stroll through Sellwood and a stop for dinner at Jade. 2015_08_15_ADayInTheLifeNF-10

Lastly, we ended our night with a big bowl of ice cream to share from a new ice cream cart in Sellwood. They have tons of non-dairy options and it was so delicious!2015_08_15_ADayInTheLifeNF-9 2015_08_15_ADayInTheLifeNF-5 2015_08_15_ADayInTheLifeNF-1

What have you been up to lately?

Hello Friends!


Wow it’s been a bit since we have had a real post up here on Naturally Family. I feel like I haven’t had a minute to sit down and really just write but I figured with Alder currently sleeping in my lap and Edith quietly gluing sheets of paper together I’d awkwardly take a moment to write to you all (if you could only see the position I am in trying to write this haha).

While I haven’t been as present here on the blog for the past few weeks I have been posting a ton on our instagram account so (shameless plug coming) so if you’d like to see what we have been up to follow us over there. I try to post daily and have been really trying to add a little more micro-blogging to the caption.

Anyways we have big news we are moving back to the east side of Portland! We are so exited but honestly I had no idea how challenging packing was going to be with two little ones. I mean you’d think after moving house three times in the past 2.5 years that I’d be a pro by now but well that just isn’t the case. We are downsizing in space a bit so we are really trying to go through our things and declutter, pair down and just live a more minimalist life.

In our new home we are going to try the kids in their own room. It should be interesting but I think Neil and I are ready to have our own room back and that the kids (at least Edith) are ready to share their own room. I mean honestly I don’t even know if they could fit in our bedroom with us because #smallbedroomproblems.

With the new small bedrooms and different layout of the house I am in interior design mode. I am trying to figure out ways to make our home clean, bright and inspiring. I feel like we have yet to live in a home that makes me feel that way and right now it’s really important. Part of that means actually unpacking all of our boxes, putting photos on the wall and really organizing things in a way that makes sense for our family. [let me know if you’d like to see our progress and ideas]

So while I have about 20 posts to write and share with you my focus is on trying to get ready to move at the end of the month so if I am a bit absent for the next 2-3 weeks don’t worry it’s only temporary. Also you can keep tabs on us via our social media because you know I can’t go a day without sharing something!

Share something that is going on in your life right now. Also any moving, decorating or organizing tips are oh so welcome. 

Small Outdoor Spaces | Water Table | Little Tikes

little tikes 3

This is post #2 in a series about small spaces with Little Tikes you can read my first post here

While a sandbox might not be on every parents list of desired outdoor items a water table should be. Water tables easily provide hours of fun for littles and it is a great way for them to cool off. I really don’t know why we didn’t get one sooner. In previous years we used an old plastic tote box for Edith to splash around in and a small kids pool but in our new space we couldn’t have the pool and a standing water table just seemed like a much better idea for both kids.

Little Tikes Water Table -E&S

This Little Tikes Fish ‘n Splash Water Table™ is great because it’s the perfect height for both Edith and Alder to play. It also comes with a cup, a little net, and some super cute water animals. If Alder could he would probably spend all of his time playing at the water table. I mean as soon as I open our sliding door he is making a beeline for the water table and has a meltdown if he doesn’t make it before I shut the door.

little tikes water table

The only thing that I wish that this water table had was a little sun umbrella but we have made it work by putting it in a shaded spot on our balcony. I do love that it has a little drain in the bottom which makes it easy to change the water.

I have a feeling this water table will be something we use for years with both kids.


Do you have a water table? 

Disclaimer: Little Tikes provided with us this sandbox at no cost. We did NOT receive any compensation for this post.



Small Outdoor Spaces | Sandbox | Little Tikes

little tikesWhen we were searching for a new home last year I was as bit disappointed when my desire for a yard would not be fulfilled. A yard has just become such a desire when you have too little ones who like to spend their time outside running around. While we didn’t end up with a yard we do have a decent sized balcony and have gotten a little creative to make it work for us.


Our balcony is home to a variety of things and while it doesn’t look perfect it keeps the kids happy and therefore it keeps us happy. One of the items that has been entertained this summer has been a sandbox. Now I know what you are thinking a sandbox on a balcony? Yes, it’s there and while I don’t love all the sand it keeps the kids entertained for hours.

little tikes 2

The sandbox we have is the Cozy Coupe® Sandbox and when the cover is on it looks just like those little cars that kids love so much. I have to say that is a big selling point with this sandbox – the cover that is. We live in Oregon so while summers are usually pretty dry we do get a good amount of drizzly/rainy days throughout the year so the cover keeps us from having a mud box.

While an afternoon in the sandbox always requires a bath it’s worth it to see these two littles having so much fun. Overall this sandbox has been such a great addition to our small outdoor space. Do you have a small space? How do you make it work with your kids?

Side note these kids love the sandbox with or without sand. How cute is this little monkey?

2015_06_06_LIttleTikes-6Disclaimer: Little Tikes provided with us this sandbox at no cost. We did NOT receive any compensation for this post.


Edith Is Three.


I wanted to get this posted before too much time has passed but it seems that time just can’t be stopped and Edith has already been three for 12 days. In the past 12 days she has finally come around to being three but let me tell you I had no idea how traumatic it was going to be for her. She spent the first week telling us she “missed her two” and she was sad about being three. For a few days she was 2 years and 366 days, 367 days and so on but it seems that at 2 years 377 days she finally has come around to three.


Edith started her morning off with a donut and coffee before we headed to Bob’s Red Mill for a breakfast birthday party with a few of her friends. We are all about keeping birthdays pretty low key and we weren’t actually going to have a party until Edith insisted that we have one and that she have strawberry pie and rainbow ribbons (apparently this is a Daniel Tiger thing or a mash up a bunch of episodes). 2015_07_09_EdithIsThree-12After Bob’s we headed back to our house to get packed up for camping – side note don’t wait to pack until just a few hours before need to leave. Before heading to the campground we made a quick stop at Whole Food’s to pick up ice and snack and Edith was so tired out from her day that she ended up falling asleep in the car add-on on the cart. I actually didn’t even realize it until a lady passed with her kids and told them to be quiet as they passed by.

2015_07_09_EdithIsThree-7Finally hours later we made it to the campground and Edith got her rainbow ribbons. We had dinner and Edith got her pie although I was a lazy mom and just bought her an apple pie instead of making a strawberry pie (in my defense she had only requested a strawberry pie the day before). We also were able to see a mother dear and her fawn – so over camping trip even if it was just a short one.

2015_07_09_EdithIsThree-6 2015_07_09_EdithIsThree-5 2015_07_09_EdithIsThree-2 2015_07_09_EdithIsThree-3 2015_07_09_EdithIsThree-1 2015_07_09_EdithIsThree

As for it being a short camping trip….Not to be a downer but this camping trip didn’t quiet go as we had expected because we didn’t bring water (there is usually potable water at the park but they had just cleaned their pipes so no water), we forgot an entire bag of cooking supplies, Alder had a rough night of sleeping and I ended up pinching a nerve. So we ended up only staying for one night but it was still a great time and we got make a detour to Hood River for the day and meet up with friends for dinner on the way home.


[TMI Talk] Postpartum Periods & GladRags


Day 13

The postpartum period is one of those things that not many women really talk about. It’s probably, for me at least, one of the most dreaded things about the postpartum time. There is so much uncertainty as to when it will return, what it will be like after having a baby and of course having to deal with that monthly pest again.

Solly Baby Wrap

My period returned after both children right around six months postpartum. My period after Edith was simply a nightmare and I would attribute a lot of that to my Paragard IUD but beyond the woes of that I just found myself in a new and weird place. A place where tampons just didn’t work for me anymore. I know maybe a little TMI but hey that’s what this post is.

Anyways that just didn’t work well anymore and weren’t comfortable so I found myself back at 12 years old with my first period using sanitary pads. I know some women are fine with them but I feel like I just wearing a huge diaper and am self-conscious and uncomfortable all the time. Since those weren’t working for me I decided to try a menstrual cup and while it worked okay for me I just didn’t really love it so I continued to search for a better option.


Finally I decided to try cloth sanitary pads. I figured I use cloth diapers with my baby so why wouldn’t I use the same sort of thing myself. I didn’t want to go in 100% because they can be pricey so I purchased just a few to give them a try and suddenly my life was changed. I finally had found something comfortable and that did the job.

The best part about cloth pads, like those from GladRags (my favorite brand), is that there are no chemicals, fragrances, plastics or adhesives. They are good for the body and for environment. They are good for 5+ years and are so easy to clean.

You might be thinking but how does it add up? On an average year using tampons I probably spent $125-135  basically the cost of a cloth pad kit. So that means with a life of at least five years that I will have saved over $500.

Have you tried cloth pads or a menstrual cup? Thoughts? 

Disclaimer: This post does not include sponsored content. GladRags kindly sent me one of their cloth pads to try and I have purchased a number since then. 


I’m a week late in writing this post but we have been busy celebrating the life that made us parents. Our sweet, independent, kind and generous (among many other wonderful things) little girl has turned three. I’m not sure where the time has gone but she is three and I am excited as can before her but of course a little part of me wishes that time would slow down. If you’re a birth story junkie like me you read Edith’s full birth story here. I’ll share some photos and highlights from her birthday this weekend or early next week. Until then here are some photos from the day Edith was born…IMG_9342 IMG_9347 IMG_9360 IMG_9396