We Have a YouTube Channel & What’s in Our Honest Company Box

So I decided to start a YouTube Channel!

EEEK! Seriously not sure how I feel about things yet but decided to go out of my comfort zone and start one. We will be sharing various videos and hope to make it regular thing. I have two videos up right now the most recent being our latest Honest Company Box Haul. Check it out.

Please let us know what types of videos you would like to see!

Diaper Bag Dilemma

So here we are at 38w3d pregnant and I am in full on baby prep mode. Yeah I know it’s a little late in the game but when you have a toddler, a commuting husband, two blogs to focus on, a house to (try) and keep in order and a handful of other things going on there just isn’t as much time to focus on prep for #2. I knew months ago that that this was going to happen and so it has.

OXOTotDiaperBagFullMeetUp (1 of 1)Anyways I thought it would be a great idea yesterday to get our diaper bag all set up for two since I don’t really use it much right now with just Edith but know that I will use it when #2 arrives. I tried to remember back to those newborn days and what I stocked in our diaper bag and while today I am have been able to weed out the needs from the extras it seems that with two our diaper bag just isn’t the right size.

The sad part of this whole situation is that we have had far two many diaper bags in the past two years. One thing I didn’t really consider the first time around was the fact that a diaper bag is essentially my purse as well and that being said I might want to consider picking one that doubles as both. I also didn’t pay as much attention to quality versus cost. So here we are two years later and we have/had five diaper bags. Yes FIVE. Insane right? Here is a run down of the diaper bags we have had:

  • timi & leslie Dual (similar to this): now this is the first diaper bag that I ever bought. I ended up choosing it because I knew a ton of people really loved timi & leslie diaper bags and I found it on sale for I think about $40. The bag was a good size and fit more then we ever really needed and would have worked for two size-wise had it not fallen apart. Come to find out all of the people who recommended timi & leslie bags had the faux leather style and not the canvas style so while theirs are still in great condition mine fell apart. Side note to that timi & leslie have great customer service and after explaining the flaws with the bag and sending photos they sent me a new bag to replace the one that had fallen apart. By that point I had already purchased a new diaper bag so I ended up selling the replacement bag.
  • JJ Cole Hobo Diaper Bag (this one): when my timi & leslie bag fell apart I just wasn’t up for really searching for a new diaper bag so one day when we were at Target I came across this JJ Cole bag and it had a cute print, could be worn cross body and looked like it would fit all of our things. The price was $45 which isn’t too bad for a diaper bag and so I made a snap decision to buy it. This bag worked out well for about 5 months until the zipper broke on it. It actually fit everything, functioned well and I really liked the style of the bag but alas it just didn’t work out for us.
  • Skip Hop Grand Central Bag (this one): Now this diaper bag was not purchased to replace the JJ Cole bag I had actually just resigned myself to use the bag broken zipper and all. I actually chose to purchase the Skip Hop Grand Central (cost $90) in preparation for our July 2013 cross country trip. We didn’t really own a bag that would function as a carry-on and a diaper bag so I really wanted something on the bigger side to do so. Also since it was summer and we were finding ourselves doing little day trips or packing up picnics I thought it would be a great bag because of the extra room. Now this bag has been great for traveling and it functions perfectly as a weekender style diaper bag (or even weekender bag for mom sans kids) but it’s just a little bulky for everyday. It actually would work in a pinch for two children but a few downsides to it are that it is bulky and it must be worn on the shoulder aka there is now backpack or cross body feature which are on my “must include” list for a diaper bag for a newborn/toddler.
  • Skip Hop Dash Messenger Bag (this one): So this is the bag that I currently have and it’s also the one that just didn’t fit everything we need for two children plus my things. I actually bought this one a few months ago and at the time I wasn’t really using a diaper bag at all because well toddlers don’t require as much. The decision to buy this bag was because two of my much loved purses (purchased 5+ years ago) bit the dust and I needed something to replace them. I know you’re thinking ummm why a diaper bag then? Well my thought was I need a new purse, we are going to need a new diaper bag soon and we wanted to get a camera bag so why not this diaper bag that’s on sale at Target for $30? So I really have nothing negative to say about this bag on a whole EXCEPT that it’s just far, far, far too small to fit items for a newborn, a toddler, a DSLR and my personal items. This bag will function perfectly however for those outings that Neil or I take with only one child in tow.
  • Diaper Dude (similar to this one): This is actually Neil’s daddy diaper bag (a baby shower gift) and well neither of us love it. It’s far too masculine for my taste and we came to find that when we are out it was just easier for Neil to carry the already filled diaper bag rather then have his own and have to swap items out. Neil also isn’t a big fan of the style. Now the diaper bag has functioned fine, held up (I guess partially from lack of use) and it has some great features like the big back pocket and the zipper pockets on the front but overall it just hasn’t been the bag for either of us. For the first 15 or so months of Edith’s life it was our back up back that we actually just kept in the car filled with extra diapers, wipes, clothes, blanket and toys. In recent times however we have swapped the extra bag out for a stocked tote box of items (I’ll show you this some day when I get around to photographing it). We are planning to consign this once we move into our new place because we simply don’t need it or use it.

What I’ve learned:

  • Neil doesn’t need his own diaper bag.
  • Just because it’s cheap/on sale and cute doesn’t mean it’s a quality diaper bag.
  • Quality diaper bags cost a little bit more.
  • Diaper bags should be an investment because they end up also being your purse and camera bag as well and need to last at least 18 months per child.
  • Size matters. Style matters.

What we/I am looking for this time around:

  • Preferably a style that also has a backpack feature or at least a cross-body feature. Now a backpack style option would be ideal because with two I know that I am going to need hands and shoulders free. Most likely I/we will be wearing #2 and holding E’s hand so a backpack would be ideal for this scenario. A cross-body style would work as well however I don’t love that it would have to go across #2 when wearing.  The problem is however that I am really having a challenging time finding a stylish backpack style diaper bag that is also the right size. If you have any leads please leave them in the comments!
  • Cost: $100-150 err maybe more but would rather not. I want a good quality bag that is going to last us a few years but we also have to stay on budget and while I wish I could just buy any bag that tickles my fancy that just isn’t the case.
  • Size: Must be big enough for items for two children, my personal items, our DSLR and still have a little bit of extra space.
  • Color/style: Must be Neil approved since he will be carrying it as well. Nothing to girly (I’m not a girly girl anyways).

Alright so I think that is it. Now I am on a mission to find a diaper bag. Any suggestions? What has worked for you?

Reading Wednesday + Giveaway // Sacred Pregnancy

When I was pregnant with Edith I found myself doing a lot of reading in preparation for her arrival. While I wasn’t big into the parenting books there were a few pregnancy books that I just fell in love with.  This time around however I am kicking myself a bit for not spending more time reading two of my favorite pregnancy books Birthing From Within and Sacred Pregnancy.

sacred pregnancy

Sacred Pregnancy is just an amazing book that helps prepare you for birth and motherhood but also forces you to really focus in every week on your pregnancy. I think one thing that we forget when it comes to pregnancy is that it’s not all about the baby but also about the mother. Sacred Pregnancy brings the focus back to the mother and the rite of passage from pregnancy to motherhood.

You can read my full review of Sacred Pregnancy here.

This is seriously a beautiful book/journal for the mom-to-be and for that reason I would love to give one copy away in your choice of a paperback copy or a Kindle copy. This giveaway is not sponsored and I will be providing the winner with the book at my own cost.


a Rafflecopter giveaway

Review // bumpBox

Disclaimer: I was provided with my very own bumpBox this month in exchange for this review. As always all opinions are my own. 

bumpBox carefully handpicks and designs each box. After filling out our questionnaire, they will be able to select products based on your preferences and current pregnancy stage of the mom-to-be.  IMG_9196

“Can’t Wait to Show You” Board Book: This book comes from the Belly Books Collection and retails for $15. It is a sweet book for you to read to your baby while you are pregnant as well as once they have arrived. The book is designed to sit comfortably on top of your belly- a feature I think is really fun.

PlanJBodyandHome Lotion: This lotion comes from the PlanJBodyandHome Etsy shop and is mineral oil and paraben free. I received the mango sorbet scent and while the lotion goes on really smooth I am not a fan of the scent at all; I’m just not into super fruity scents. I unfortunately won’t be wearing this lotion and will be passing it on to a friend. I would like to try the lavender vanilla or vanilla fig that I found in the PlanJBodyandHome Etsy shop. These lotions retail for $8.

Hair Ties: Now these I am seriously obsessed with! These hair ties are created by a licensed cosmetologist and prevent your hair from becoming damaged and keep it crease free. I love, love the black and gold color and these are perfect for hot summer days and will be great when I am in labor. A pack of 5 hair ties retails for $8 directly from elle jay handmade so that would make a 3 pack around $5.

16 oz hot/cold Beverage Cup: Now this is probably the most used item in the box. Currently Neil has taken over it and is using it for his daily iced coffee. We both love it because it is double walled and it keeps water, coffee, iced tea and other beverages nice and cold. I also love the that it comes with a straw as well. Neither of us have used it with hot beverages yet because it’s simply too hot out. I am not sure who this cup is by but a similar one on Amazon retails for $8

Yogi’s Mother to Be Pregnancy Tea: I actually haven’t drank any of this tea this entire pregnancy. When I was pregnant with Edith I loved it but this time around I have had less of an interest in teas. I did really enjoy this tea and am actually planning to make up a batch of iced tea with this box. A box of this tea generally retails for around $5.

Total Cost of bumpBox with shipping: $38 for a one month subscription

Total Value of 5 items: $41


  • This is a really nice gift to give the mom-to-be.  If someone sent me a box or one of their 3 or 6 month subscriptions I would be super happy.
  • The total value of the 5 items included in my specific box out valued the total cost of the box with shipping.
  • I love the little description card that comes with the box because not only does it tell what each item it is also has as blurb about why it is important for pregnancy. Example the hot/cold beverage cup discusses the benefits of drinking water and why it is important during pregnancy.
  • The box introduces you to items that you may not have been aware of in the first place and ones that you might come to love. I myself am now loving the hair ties and I want to order more!


  • The cost of the box does not include shipping so the total cost ends up being a little on the pricey side for 5 items.
  • The description card doesn’t include the retail value of items; I had to research those all on my own. I would love to see the retail value included as well as all of the vendors.
  • I didn’t love everything in my box. Now this is a con that is going to be dependent upon on each individual person. I think the box was filled with quality items I just wish that the lotion was a scent that I enjoyed more.

While I am not sure that I would order this box for myself I do think it’s a really great gift for the mom-to-be. It would be a great box to send a friend or family member upon finding out they are expecting or maybe you are unable to make a baby shower – this would be a great gift for the mom-to-be.

Lust List // Nursing Wear

Knowing that baby #2 will be making his/her arrival anytime now has really got me thinking about nursing gear. With Edith I basically spent the first 12 months postpartum wearing maternity tee’s and cheap nursing tanks. These items made me feel less then stellar and there is really nothing worse then wearing your maternity clothes when you are no longer pregnant.

This time around I am looking to buy cute nursing specific wear or things that are more stylish and nursing functional. Lately I have been obsessed with Boob Design nursing wear which unfortunately is a little challenging to find in the US. I did however find that you can order it from Natural Mom Gear.

So here are the pieces I am lusting after right now:

Boob Design V-neck Boob Design Singlet
Boob Design Nursing Top
Boob Design Warm Nursing Hoodie

Top: (L) Boob Design Nursing Top Short Sleeve (R) Boob Design Nursing Tank Top
Bottom: (L) Nursing Top Before & After, Short Sleeve, V-neck (R)
Boob Design Warm Nursing Hoodie

While I know you might be going umm aren’t these pretty casual though? I will say yes they are BUT they are super cute, high quality and perfect for nursing. I really want items that are going to last and to not be buying new $10 tee’s from Target every 3-4 months because of the wear and tear on them when nursing (pulling up/down; stretching out; major piling).

Now I need to decide which colors I want and which of the tops I really NEED. Right now a number of the tops are on sale and there is free shipping for purchases of $75 or more!

What are your favorite nursing brands? 

Disclaimer: Affiliate links included in this post. 

Preparing for Baby #2 with Orbit Baby

With baby number two, we haven’t really followed a checklist. But, as we get closer and closer we’ve found that there are a few things we really need to do. And, one of them was to get our infant carseat installed. InstallCarseat I have to say that this was a surprisingly fun family affair. We spent a good part of the morning cleaning the car out (seriously I don’t think it’s been this clean since we purchased it last year) and then we finally got down to getting Edith and Baby #2′s new carseats installed. Orbit Baby - Infant G3 Orbit Baby- Infant- Edith OpenFirst we had to unpack them though and Edith gave the infant car seat a test run. Orbit Baby- Edith In the InfantI would like to note that Edith is just half an inch too tall for the infant carseat yet is well within the weight range at 22 pounds. Don’t worry though, she never made it into the car in it. She was just making sure that it would be a comfy seat for Baby #2. Orbit Baby- Edith & Daddy Inspecting While we waited for Neil to get the carseat base in, Edith decided to practice snapping in baby Barbara. Orbit Baby- Infant Snaps Success! Neil got the base in and said tightening the LATCH connectors and leveling three base was made easy thanks to the StrongArm™ which allows for 60-second car seat installation (and it really does).  Orbit Baby Infant Carseat in Car I will say that without the car seat base for the toddler seat, it was a little trickier figuring out the LATCH system and installing the toddler car seat.  Honestly, not any more difficult than other toddler car seats we have used. Orbit Baby - Toddler Carseat Once the car seats were installed, it was time to get the stroller system put together and give it a test run. Edith loved helping Neil put the stroller together. Orbit Baby Stroller- Put Together She was also a big fan of riding in the stroller. I have to say that this is a whole lot of stroller and it’s going to take some getting used to, but I am sure we will get used to it pretty quick.Orbit Baby - Double Helix Now we are just waiting for baby #2 to make his/her arrival! I’m 37 weeks today so it really could be anytime now (or it could be 5 weeks from now) who knows! Disclaimer: This is a preliminary post to an Orbit Baby series that we will be featuring in the upcoming months. We were provided with our Orbit Baby products at no cost for our upcoming series. All opinions are our own. 

Reading Wednesday // From Head to Toe by Eric Carle

I really dropped the ball the past two weeks when it comes to reading Wednesday. Here we are though another Wednesday and another book to share with all of you. Let me tell you this is a good one.

Lately we have been going to the library bi-weekly due to Neil’s work schedule and while there a few weeks back I found a list of recommended books for toddlers. Since finding this list I have been attempting to check 5-10 of them out per week for Edith to read and for me to evaluate their toddler friendliness.From Head to Toe cover

This week From Head to Toe by Eric Carle was available to check out and on the list so into our library bag it went. I actually didn’t read this book with Edith until this past weekend after Neil came out from bedtime books and was raving about how much he loved it. He was explaining to me how when he and Edith read it together they go through and do all the different movements and how interactive it is for her and how much fun she has so of course I had to read it with her.
From Head to Toe insideWe have been reading it at least once per day and most days twice now because Edith just loves it and well I really enjoy going through the book as well. I am also impressed by how quickly Edith picked up on all the movements and all the body parts as well. I didn’t even know that she knew where he shoulders were until we read this book together.

This is a great book for you and your toddler to read together and to learn various parts of the body as well as movements. This is on my top list of books for toddlers now. Have you read From Head to Toe by Eric Carle what do you think? 

*Amazon Affiliate links. 


Summer Bucket List // Berry Picking

With a baby on the way and lots of other changes happening over here our summer bucket list this year is on the short side. For me one of the top items however was to get out and go berry picking. We had planned to do this opening weekend but we were unable to go Saturday and by Sunday u-pick farms weren’t allowing u-pick because opening day had been so popular.  Well our weekends after that got to be pretty busy so berry picking was put on the back burner and honestly until today I didn’t think we were actually going to be able to cross it off our list.

Edith Barista

Neil had the day off from work so we started our morning with breakfast, coffee and a trip to the park. Since it was such a beautiful day we weren’t ready to go home and thought about doing a few things when finally I suggested we see if Bella Organic was open. We did a little Googling and found that it was and headed right over to get our berry picking on.


We picked up a wagon, a few buckets and headed first to the blackberry and marion berry patch.  We had okay lucky but it was a little picked over and there were a lot of almost ripe but not ripe enough to pick berries.  After picking a few pounds we moved on to the blueberry patch which proved to be more successful. I have to say one of the biggest surprises was how amazing Edith did with picking. We showed her which berries to pick and 95% of the time she picked super ripe berries and she only snacked on maybe one or two- seriously impressed!

July4-EdithBlackberry July4-berrypickingback july4-edithblueberry

All the berry picking got me to thinking about Edith’s birthday party this Sunday (umm yeah someone turns two this coming Wednesday) and I have decided to make up some (hopefully) yummy berry shortcakes. Along with our blueberries, blackberries and marion berries we also picked up three pints of strawberries (we weren’t able to pick our own because the strawberry fields were closed to u-pickers).

We had an amazing time out in the sun, picking berries and I think this little berry muncher enjoyed herself.


Other things on our Summer Bucket List:

  • Hillsboro Hops Game (We have tickets for the last weekend in August!)
  • Ride the Portland Aerial tram
  • Thursday night music at Kruger Farms
  • Take Edith for a ride on the Oregon Pacific Railroad

How did you spend your 4th? What is on your summer bucket list?