Portland Macy’s Holiday Parade

We hadn’t planned to be around for Thanksgiving, we had hotel reservations to go to Seattle, a Thanksgiving dinner invite by Seattle friends and a weekend full of exploring to do but that all changed when Neil spent two weeks working 10-12 hour days and weekends. Instead of traveling for the holiday we decided to … [Read more…]

Date Night In | Stargazing

Why not take your date night in out, outside that is. Who says you have to go any further than the comfort of your own front or backyard. While you could do this in the summer it’s just as much fun in the late fall or winter! What you’ll need: One. You’ll need a big … [Read more…]

Rainy Day Fun: Painting

We have officially hit winter in Portland which means rain, lots of rain. While I still try to get us out and about I am also working on coming up with fun indoor play activities. A few weeks ago I picked up painting supplies from Ikea and yesterday we took them for a spin. Edith … [Read more…]

Magical Date Night In

  A fun and playful date night in. Who says Harry Potter is just for your children? What you’ll need: One. Your favorite Harry Potter* movie (Mine is Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban). Two.¬†Harry Potter inspired cocktails (I’m partial to the Neville Longbottom). Three. A comfy robe to wrap yourself up in; I … [Read more…]

Edith’s Christmas List

can you believe that the holidays are almost here? I saw my Instagram explode this weekend with holiday mugs, decorations, movies and so much more. I figured since so many others were already in the spirit that I might share a little bit of Christmas cheer as well. We actually kick off the holiday season … [Read more…]

Day In Our Life: Sunday Staycation

This past weekend we ended up having an impromtu staycation. After weeks of moving, conferences and other commitments it was nice to actually spend the entire weekend as a family. On Saturday visited one of the many museums we have a membership to, did a little window shopping, went out to lunch and spent the … [Read more…]