The Many Faces of Edith

We take hundreds of photos most weeks around here and as I was filtering through our latest batch I came across these photos of Edith.  She has so many different expressions and I can’t help but crack a smile or a laugh when looking through these ones.  My favorite are her mango faces.

Weekend Snapshots: April 20-21st

What we did this weekend… Friday night I had the house to myself while Neil went to a concert. Saturday Morningwe started off our morning with breakfast at AND Cafe and then we went to the Saturday Artist Market before heading home to get ready for date night. Saturday night we dropped Edith off at … [Read more…]

Weekend Snapshots: April 16

What we did this weekend… We started our weekend off at Vita Cafe where we indulged in a big plate of biscuits and gravy. We then headed downtown to the library so I could do a little work and Neil and Edith had some daddy-daughter time at Book Babies. Saturday night we were pretty wild … [Read more…]

Summer Sneakers & Sandals for Mom

I have a little shoe shopping fever so of course I had to do a little online window shopping.  I am in the market for a pair of summer sneakers and sandals, however not just any pair.  I need a pair (of each) that can take the rain while chasing a very mobile baby around … [Read more…]

Weekend Hello!

Just popping into say hello and hope you are all having a wonderful weekend! We are working on a number of great post but always love reader request or to answer any questions you may have: e-mail us  

Mom Friendly Swimsuits

Summer is right around the corner and that means we soon will be packing up the kiddos and taking them to the pool, fountains and beaches to cool off.  It also means that it’s time for us mom’s to slip into a new bathing suit.  I give major props to the moms who can pull … [Read more…]