minted. | Holiday Edition

As you all know we are in love with over here. Our birth announcements for Alder were just so beautiful that we decided that we also wanted to use mintedĀ for our holiday photos as well. Once I started looking at the the minted website I noticed that they also have really beautiful photo gift … [Read more…]

Hello Friends! | Quick Update

Hello Friends! I know it’s been a bit since my last post but life is just kind of happening over and here and I haven’t very many free moments to sit down and write. That being said part of this “life just happening” is Neil and I working on some fun new projects including some … [Read more…]

Christmas List Planning 2014

This Christmas we are trying to stay pretty minimal and focus not on the gifts but on the time we spend together. We are hoping to host a Winter Solstice party and just focus on holiday experiences instead of spending money on lots of gifts. Last year we started the tradition of buying only six … [Read more…]

Weekend Fun | Forest Park Hike

Happy Daylight Savings! Yeah I don’t know how happy you are about it but I’m less than thrilled. I’m also less than thrilled that Neil moved our clock in the bedroom forward instead of back so he and Edith were up at 5am while he was thinking it was 7am (can we say daylight savings … [Read more…]