Saturday Mornings

Saturday mornings are my time to catch up on work, articles, sponsored posts, regular blog posts, other projects. Neil and Edith head off to swim lessons and I plan our meals for the week and then (attempt) to dive in to freelance/blog work. Some weeks I am super productive and find myself easily flowing through … [Read more…]

Weekend Adventures | 2.24.14

Where has the weekend gone? Seriously this weekend didn’t feel very much like a weekend for me but nonetheless it’s past us and a new week is here to greet us. Friday night Neil came home for a brief moment to take Edith for a walk to get take-out while I took a quick nap. … [Read more…]

90 Minute Date | Coffee Date

I recently read an article about parents and spontaneous dates.  Most parents have no idea what to do when they are given 90 minutes of child free time.  So I thought I might come up with some ideas of my own and create a new bi-weekly series. So here is the set up: a friend … [Read more…]

Portland Snow Days

While this isn’t Edith’s first snow it is the first snow that she has really experienced. I took her out on Thursday when it started snowing and she was in love and was pretty upset when I said that it was time to head back inside. Yesterday we woke up to even more snow and … [Read more…]

Flash Back: Daddy’s Little Helper

Every so often I find myself scrolling through the photos of my computer. It’s surprising how often I forget about photos that I have taken. Today I came across these beautiful photos of Edith and Neil from back in October 2013. Ever since we moved Edith has become obsessed with putting things together, specifically furniture. … [Read more…]

Date Night In | Baseball

Now I like baseball just fine but Neil is the baseball fanatic at our house so this date night is for him. Taking interest in your partners passions is sexy. What you’ll need: One. A baseball movie. On our list right now is 42. Two. A great session beer to enjoy while viewing your baseball … [Read more…]