Meet The Family

Welcome to Naturally Family!

Meet the Family:

  • Mom: Lindsay
  • Dad: Neil
  • Daughter: Edith Mary (7/12)
  • Son: Alder Grey (8/14)

You may know us from Lindsay’s blog,  Running With Tongs, where she writes about fitness, healthy living, recipes, and (lately) weekly pregnancy updates. We’ve decided to take on our own family blog a place for us to write about both the ups and downs of parenting,  tips and tricks and doing what comes naturally (whatever that might be).

How did we end up here? Alright, let’s rewind a couple of years. You may be wondering “How did they end up as this family of three to be?”?  It really is a story of love conquering international boundaries and all else that you would find in an artsy love story.(OK, I may exaggerate, maybe Vermont and Canada isn’t exactly USA and Europe).  We originally met in 2005 in Fredericton, NB, Canada where Neil lived and Lindsay was visiting friends.  We exchanged  a couple of MySpace messages over the next year, but nothing major.  Although, it would seem we were destined to meet again.  We spotted each other while Lindsay was meeting a friend across the road from Neil’s apartment.  Later that night we ran into each other at open mic night at a local bar.  We started dating and got pretty serious, pretty quick.  Eight months later, in May of 2007, we were engaged.  Over the next year, because Lindsay was graduating school, Neil looked for and found work in the US.  In April of 2008, Neil started working in Burlington, Vermont and we were married just over a month later on Memorial Day weekend of 2008.  It’s now, 2012 and we find ourselves expecting our first baby in July.  I hope you enjoy following our adventures as new parents and maybe even learn a thing or two as we relate all of the ups and downs we encounter as new parents. Update: Our baby girl arrived on July 9, 2012 and our baby boy August 1, 2014!




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  1. Jess McKeil

    Hey Lindsay,

    So, our very amazing friend who moved with us from New Brunswick (represent’!) is expecting a very unexpected baby. We love her with all our heart and want to support her with everything we can, so we’re thinking that we’d get her a baby carrier for the holidays. She is a very independent, inspired, hippy momma and I was wondering if you have any recommendations? She will probably need a pretty long lasting carrier, that can be worn in a myriads of situations.

    Anyway, love to read about you and Neil on this blog and on Instagram. Love too see little Edith too!

    If you guys ever come to Vancouver, let us know!



    • Hi Jessica,

      For a new baby my two recommendations are a woven wrap or a ring sling. These are the best options as they provide proper support and are customizable size wise. A woven wrap can be a bit more daunting to learn at first but it is a very long lasting option. You can use a woven wrap from newborn to toddler. Secondly there is the ring sling which is made of a woven fabric as well however there is a lot less fabric so it is a little less daunting to use and it is easy for the parent on the go. This is also a wonderful long lasting option as you can use it through toddlerhood. I would recommend the Chimparoo brand which is based out of Quebec. They actually have a woven mei tai carrier that is amazing as well but would be better for 4 months +. Please feel free to email me if you’d like to chat more!


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