Weekend Snapshots: Beach Babes

A few weeks ago Neil suggested that we head to the shore for Mother’s Day weekend since we had a gift certificate for a coastal hotel to use. Last minute we decided to extend the weekend to include an extra night away for our anniversary which is at the end of the month. We started our weekend away at Seaside and while it was a little chilly and rainy Edith and Neil had a great time playing in the sand and on the swings.

IMG_1681IMG_7456IMG_7424Saturday the weather improved and we spent the day in Astoria before heading to our hotel in Cannon Beach. We lucked out and were able to an ocean front room thanks to our gift certificate. The first thing we did when we arrived (of course) was head straight to the beach to play a little ball. Once we finally headed to our room Neil and Edith changed into their bathing suits and headed back to the beach while I enjoyed 45-60 minutes of quiet time soaking in the giant tub with a view of the ocean.
IMG_7528IMG_1768IMG_1742IMG_7535Although it wasn’t the warmest weekend (40-60F) it was a beautiful weekend away and just what our little family needed. We are hoping to visit the coast once or twice more this summer and again as a family of four this Fall.

How did you celebrate Mother’s Day?

What are your favorite Oregon Coast spots to visit? Or what is your favorite beach (anywhere in the world) to visit?

For a more detailed account of our trip head over to Running With Tongs!


  1. Whenever we go to the coast we often stop at Seaside to visit the little aquarium they have there and feed the sea lions, who each have their own little schtick they do for attention to get a snack. Also, soaking in a tub with a view of the ocean sounds soooo relaxing. I love the view and the sounds and the smells, but not the sand so that seems to be a great combo…

  2. She is such a cutie. This Mother’s Day we did a cook out with friends. While I had to do a lot of the cooking/prep… it was such a fun day! Plus, my son ran around telling me and the other mother at the cook out “Happy Mother’s Day!” with his little lisp. Best ever.

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