Baby Paper

Recently Edith has really taken a liking to paper, especially napkins.  If she sees one she instantly grabs at it and then proceeds to try and eat it.  While this is cute (at first) once the paper is in her mouth she begins to try to bite gum off pieces and ends up with a … [Read more…]

X-Mas Scenes

We have had a busy past three days with family Christmas festivities on the 23rd, Christmas Eve festivities on the 24th and a full day of Christmas festivities on the 25th. Edith has done pretty well the entire time considering all of the craziness of being around so many people, sights and scenes. Unfortunately however … [Read more…]

The Amazing BOB

Disclaimer: This post is NOT sponsored.  We purchased our own BOB and are just lovers of it so I am sharing our experience here. Buying a stroller is like buying a car. There are luxury to inexpensive strollers, strollers for the city, for quick use and those for jogging/running. On top of all that you … [Read more…]