Monday’s Around The Web: April 1

Food For Thought…  Do you ever find yourself asking –> Why Is Everyone Always Giving My Kid Junk Food? Dates… I love (most) of these mommy-daughter date ideas, especially the baking together, stargazing and girls night out. Have a little boy? Here are some mommy-son date ideas. Just because your married and have children doesn’t … [Read more…]

Nursing Friendly Dresses

Lately I have been trying to update my wardrobe a bit with some clothes that actually fit and don’t say maternity on the label.  I have been doing okay with tops and pants but skirts and dresses are my issue.  Dresses are especially difficult because I find so many that I really like but the … [Read more…]

Weekend Snapshots

I know this is a little on the late side but I wanted to get the photos up before this weekend starts.  Next week we should have some fun photos from our adventure to the shore.

Buying For Baby: Consignment

I have always been a huge fan of consignment shopping and thrifting. I used to spend hours browsing at my favorite consignment shop Battery Street Jeans when I was a teen and my love for used clothing is still alive.  Now I seek out consignment shops, sales and thrift stores to find baby clothes for … [Read more…]

Lullaby And Goodnight

I know you are all waiting patiently for part two of Our Approach to Solids and I will be posting that very soon but for now lets talk about sleep. Ever since I learned this song at baby yoga back in September we have been singing it to Edith every night. It is crazy how much … [Read more…]