Breastfeeding A Year & Beyond

18 months, 4 days. That is how long Edith has been breastfeeding. I honestly still can’t believe it’s been over a year. When they say a year goes by fast it’s so true. I have so much to write about our breastfeeding journey that it’s overwhelming and I sometimes don’t know where to start so … [Read more…]

Date Night In | Roman Holiday

Put something cute and comfortable on, open a bottle of wine and sit down and enjoy a big plate of pasta and a classic film with your loved one. What you’ll need: One. Some really great pasta*. Two. A bottle of Italian wine. Three, Four & Five. A cute, comfortable outfit. This one features this … [Read more…]

Portland Sites: Zoo Lights

A few weeks ago we had the opportunity to visit the Zoo Lights at the Oregon Zoo and while it was freezing out we had a wonderful time. >We started off with dinner at the Cascade Grill. > My mom’s omnivore meal. > Our soup and salad; although simple it was tasty! > Neil and … [Read more…]