Hello Friends!

Wow it’s been a bit since we have had a real post up here on Naturally Family. I feel like I haven’t had a minute to sit down and really just write but I figured with Alder currently sleeping in my lap and Edith quietly gluing sheets of paper together I’d awkwardly take a moment … [Read more…]

Currently 1.24.15

Doing: Oh just getting really excited as I realize that tonight is only Saturday night and that I still have another weekend day to get ohh a million things done tomorrow. Who am I kidding? Let’s focus on just getting one or two things done. Right now Neil and I are catching up on Top Chef … [Read more…]

Currently 01.08.15

Doing: Currently I am writing this post while trying to figure out what is going on our meal plan for the next two weeks. In other news around here we have been going through some nap strikes and a strange bout of eating strikes from the child who up until a few days ago would eat … [Read more…]

Currently 6.29.14

Doing: Preparing for the arrival of this baby and trying to soak up the last minutes of being a family of three. While we are excited for our new addition we also know that life is going to change in a big way so we are making time for us to enjoy ourselves as a family … [Read more…]

Currently. 6.9.14

Doing: At this exact moment I am sitting on the couch trying to get myself mentally prepared for the day. I just took out a “new” toy for Edith to play with so that should entertain her for (hopefully) a good 10 minutes. I am also trying to get the house ready for the arrival … [Read more…]