Gender Predictions: Boy or Girl


The Predictions Based on Gender Prediction Charts and Old Wives Tales:

Time of Conception: GIRL
We know exactly when we conceived and it was the night or next day after getting my IUD out and three days post ‘activity’. That being said girl.

Cravings: GIRL
It is said that if you crave sweet it’s a girl and if you crave salt you’re having a boy.  I have been craving both but in my first trimester it was all about sweet fruits. I guess I am still all about fruit, especially berries. I also love my savory foods but that’s not a new thing I have always loved savory more than sweet.

Dreams: ??
I haven’t had any gender specific dreams yet. I know that that when I was pregnant with Edith I didn’t start having any until my third trimester.

Sleeping Preference: GIRL
I have read that you prefer sleeping on your left side, you’ll have a boy and if you prefer your right side a girl. I prefer my right and always have but this time around I have been stressing less about making sure to sleep on my left side and have just been alternating through out the night.

Morning Sickness Severity: GIRL
Apparently extreme nausea or nausea that lingers all day means you are having a girl. Just like with Edith extreme nausea all first trimester and this time it was from about week 6 until week 16.

Mathematical Formula: BOY
You add your age (2 + 8) to your due date month (7) to your conception month (1+1). Odd equals boy, even equals girl. Mine adds up to 19.

The Bump Chinese Gender Predictor: BOY
I used the chart on The Bump. This one is based on your age not your lunar age.

Chinese Gender Predictor: GIRL
This test takes your Chinese Lunar Age into consideration.
Woman’s Birth Year: 1985 Month: 8 Day: 28 Time Zone: EST
Conception Year: 2013 Month: 11 Day: 5 Time Zone: PST
It’s a girl! (Chinese Age 29 at Lunar month 10)

Mayan Table: BOY
Seems to be basically the same as the Chinese Gender Predictor.

Hands- Soft or Dry?: BOY
If your hands are dry-boy. If your hands soft-girl. My hands haven’t been dry until this week and I’m not sure if it’s because we are having a boy or just the fact that the weather is changing.

Citrus: GIRL
Apparently if you’re craving citrus, you’re having a girl. I craved citrus with Edith and this pregnancy as well. I love me some lemonade and grapefruit!

Skin: GIRL
Apparently if your skin breaks out, expect a girl and my skin has been awful just like with Edith. 

High or Low?: BOY
If baby is low, expect a boy. High, it’s a girl.–Well I am carrying low. However I have also read that where you carry is based on your body type, whether you have a good set of abs before conception and pregnancy #. 

Nature’s language:  GIRL
It is believed that nature communicates with humans through forms. In this case, if the mother’s womb is round, it is a girl. If it is pointed, it is a boy (source). I am feeling like I look pretty round so I guess girl?

Heart Beat: GIRL
Is Baby’s heart beat faster than 140 beats per minute (bpm)? It’s a girl. Less than 130 bpm? It’s a boy (source). Heart beat has consistently been above 130 bpm.

Gut Feeling: Seriously no idea. Leaning towards girl but really who knows.

TOTALS: 9 Girl, 5 Boy, 2 inconclusive.

What do you predict we will have? 





  1. This test claims a pregnant woman can determine the gender of her baby by picking up a single key. If mom grabs for the key at the top round part it’s a girl, while the narrow part equals boy. What if Mom grabs the key in the middle? Twins, of course! (Warning: Do not try this test while driving!)

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