Blog On Vacation

Happy Holidays! I will be taking a short break from blogging for the holidays. I’ll be back in the new year with a ton of new content that I have been working on behind the scenes. I plan to be back January 2nd but until then you can find me on Instagram.


I am so much to share with you right now but alas life has been a bit crazy! I have so many things to share from rain gear, to animals, to museums and so much more. This weekend we are going on a family/anniversary getaway so I should be back next week with more time … [Read more…]

The Importance Of Date Nights

Photo Credit: Paperfish Studios This past weekend I found myself sitting in a dimly lit restaurant at a table for two with my husband. No kids, no distractions, just us. We enjoyed a meal that didn’t involve sticky hands, children climbing out of their chair, or racing to see if we could break our record … [Read more…]

8.1.15 | Alder is One!

Dear Alder, I’m sorry that this post is going up 2+weeks after your first birthday but better late than never, eh? A year ago you changed our lives and made our family expand from three to four. We all fell in love with you instantly and everyday since we fall a little bit more in … [Read more…]

Hello Friends!

Wow it’s been a bit since we have had a real post up here on Naturally Family. I feel like I haven’t had a minute to sit down and really just write but I figured with Alder currently sleeping in my lap and Edith quietly gluing sheets of paper together I’d awkwardly take a moment … [Read more…]

Edith Is Three.

I wanted to get this posted before too much time has passed but it seems that time just can’t be stopped and Edith has already been three for 12 days. In the past 12 days she has finally come around to being three but let me tell you I had no idea how traumatic it … [Read more…]