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With Spring and Summer come busy weekends so we have been making an effort to pack up meals to take along with us while we are out. As much as we enjoying the occasional dining out we don’t want to make it too much of a habit. Two weekends ago now we packed up lunch and headed out for the morning to run a few errands and eventually we found ourselves at Dawson Park to have a picnic lunch. We had been to this park last Spring but they have completely overhauled the park and it is really great! Edith loved running around and trying out all of the play structures, Alder didn’t know what to think of the faux turf but grew to like it and we all enjoyed the swings. Check out more details here or under the PDX With Kids page.

Portland Sites | Westmoreland Park Nature Area

WestmorelandPark-sign WestmorelandParkSand WestmorelandParkEdithSandPlay WestmorelandParkEdithSand Westmorelandpark-OrbitBaby- BurritoWestmorelandParkEdith WestmorelandPark-EdieB WestmorelandPark-Area WestmorelandParkPlayArea WestmorelandPark

Spring is officially here and we are back to visiting all the parks that the Portland area has to offer! I just finished up a feature on Westmoreland Park it’s the new Nature Play Area. If you haven’t been yet get down there and go because it is fantastic! Edith had a blast and we can’t wait to take her back. Click Here for the full feature or see above under the PDX Sites & Eats tab above.

PDX Events | Macy’s Holiday Parade & Giveaway

portland parade

macysparade EdithWatchingMacysParade

Who else is thrilled for the week ahead? We don’t celebrate Thanksgiving for a variety of reasons but I do love that Neil will have both Thursday and Friday off from work and guess what they will be paid days off because he is now full-time! Along with this full-time position came a promotion – woot woot! Anyways I am so excited to have a four day weekend with my love and our babies. We will be laying low on Thursday but Friday we will be up bright and early to go to the My Macy’s Holiday Parade here in Portland.

The My Macy’s Holiday Parade will take place on Friday, November 28, 2014 in downtown Portland. The parade steps off promptly at 9 a.m. and lasts approximately one hour. We attended last year and it was freezing so make sure to check the weather forecast and dress warm! Oh and get there early because if there is anything that I have learned since moving to Portland is that Portlanders LOVE their parades.

I am so excited to attend the parade again this year and I’m excited to see what Edith thinks. She had fun last year but now she is so much more verbal and understands so much more I can only imagine that she is going to have a blast when she sees all the floats pass by. We are lucky enough to be sitting in the VIP section again this year (we won VIP tickets last year) and I am happy to announce that I am able to giveaway four passes this year!

So who wants to win?
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PDX Macys_PDX1
Here is some more info about the passes:
  • These passes allow you entry to the special seating area in front of the Macy’s store on Alder Street, between 5th and 6th Avenues starting at 8 AM on Parade Day.
  • The VIP pass will grant you access to coffee, cocoa and sweet treats at The Red Star Tavern across the street in their Club Room compliments of K103 FM.
  • The parade takes place on Friday, November 28th (the day after Thanksgiving) at 9:00 AM. The line-up includes local high school bands, equestrian units, special inflatable floats and more than 600 costumed characters.
  • Make sure you wear the “flashing” buttons for admission to this special reserved area! (The buttons are Macy‘s star pins that light up and are your VIP passes.)

Weekend Fun | Forest Park Hike

Happy Daylight Savings! Yeah I don’t know how happy you are about it but I’m less than thrilled. I’m also less than thrilled that Neil moved our clock in the bedroom forward instead of back so he and Edith were up at 5am while he was thinking it was 7am (can we say daylight savings fail?) Anyways we made the best of our extra early morning and after breakfast and coffee we headed out for a hike.

We decided to start our hike at the Audubon Society so that we could first check out the birds at the bird hospital there. It’s also a great place to start and end a hike because they have bathrooms, it’s the little things.

Forest Park Hike raven

>> We checked out the birds first and got to see this amazing huge raven. Edith had to snap a few photos of it was well. She has really taken to “taking photos” and even has to “take photos” while we cook and of her food. I think we might need to consider getting her a little inexpensive digital camera – any suggestions?

Forest Park Hike ma and kids

>> Neil started our hike wearing Edith and here they are looking at the water (sorry it didn’t make it into the photo) but of course Edith had to take photos of the water as well.

Forest Park Hike photos

>> Alder fell asleep on our way to the Audubon Society and I easily transitioned him out of this carseat (seriously one of the best features of our carseat is that is rotates for easy in and out) and into the carrier where he peacefully slept for the first half of our hike.

Forest Park Hike

>> Half-way through the hike and we stopped to eat a huge honey crisp apple and of course Alder wanted to eat as well so we took a seat and had a snack.

Forest Park Hike breastfeeding

>> SWITCH! We switched babes and Edith wanted to ride on my back which I was thrilled about because it is so much easier to hike with a child on your back even if they weigh twice as much as the one previously on your front. I don’t get to wear Edith quite as much anymore so I was thrilled to have that time with her. I have to say she is a pretty supportive rider as well- when we hit a steep point and I slowed down a bit she would say “mama, make it?” and I’d say “Yes Edith, we’re going to make it” and then she would reply “mama gots this”.

Forest Park Hike Edith back

>> Once we made it back to the top I convinced Edith to give me a break and to walk back to the car. She agreed but she needed to have her own walking stick.

Forest Park hike Family

>> After our hike we were all ready for lunch and so we headed to Harlow to refuel. Edith insisted on having a bowl of oatmeal (odd request for her) so luckily it was still brunch time and we ordered her a big bowl which she proceeded to eat almost all of it.

Harlow Oatmeal

>> While we are feeling pretty run down after the early wake-up we had a fun and successful day. Edith made it to bed at the new 7:30pm and was asleep quickly after so here’s hoping that she wakes up at 6am tomorrow and not 5am!

What did you do this weekend? How did Daylight Savings go for your and/or your little ones? 

The Pumpkin Patch & Babywearing With Umi Sling

I love, love, love Autumn. It’s my favorite time of the year. I love the smell of the crisp air, the changing leaves, squash, pumpkin beer, warm apple cider and all the seasonal activities. We had our first seasonal outting this weekend to The Pumpkin Patch on Portland’s Sauvie Island. We went with friends of ours who have a daughter a month younger than Edith and a son a month older than Alder; it’s so much more fun to do these things with friends.
ThePumpkinPatch-RingSling ThePumpkinPatch-Sling

I decided to use my Umi Sling (more about this sling at the bottom) for this outing because the color and design went best with the pumpkin patch (yes I choose carriers based on my outfit and our destination).  I hadn’t worn this sling in a over a month and when I put it on I was instantly happy I had chosen this carrier because it just felt great on my body and Alder went right to sleep in it. I even had to take him out about 45 minutes into our visit to nurse him and I put him back in and he again snoozed for a bit. Anyways back to the pumpkin patch.

ThePumpkinPatch-E ThePumpkinPatch-Edith

We started of the morning checking out the huge pile of pumpkins and all the different varieties that The Pumpkin Patch had to offer. They had big orange ones, ones with “warts”, Cinderella ones, ghost ones and blue/grey ones (those were my favorite).  We arrived a little bit before our friends so after checking out the pumpkins we went into the market and looked at all of the veggies with Edith. We went down the line and named all the veggies and then went to check out the massive cabbage and before long our friends arrived.


Of course the girls had to take advantage of the photo opportunities around the farm.

The Pumpkin Patch - pumpkinpatch

We debated doing the corn maze but decided to do the cow train first and then see how things were after that. In the end we just did the cow train and the little hay bale maze and tower.



We couldn’t leave without getting a snack and while we really wanted fried dough or a candy apple we went with fresh corn on the cob with a little salt and pepper instead.

The Pumpkin Patch - corn

We ended our trip to The Pumpkin Patch with family photos because you never pass up the opportunity to have a family photo taken.

The Pumpkin Patch - family

What did you do this weekend? Have you taken a trip to a pumpkin patch or gone apple picking? What are your favorite Autumn/Fall activities? 

I wanted to share a little bit more about Umi Slings with you.  I first came across Umi Slings at MommyCon. A friend of someone working in the babywearing lounge with me was using one (the most beautiful one I have seen yet – black and white ikatish color).  She was telling me about it and I just fell in love but I knew I had no excuse to get one because Edith was getting older and I really couldn’t justify another carrier.

Fast forward to this past Spring.  I connected with Umi Slings founder Megan about receiving one for blog review purposes and she sent me the Gold Geo ring sling that was used for their latest photoshoot (see more photos here).  This ring sling is unlike my others and is made of organic cotton and is hand printed.  It is a really wonderful sturdy fabric that creates a nice sung hold making it perfect for both infants and toddlers.  I also find this to be one the more supportive slings that I have come across as it has great fabric coverage across the back which helps to provide more support for the wearer.

One other great thing (probably the greatest thing) is that for every sling purchased one will also be made and given to Project Baby Bilum, helping mothers improve the health of their babies by providing closeness and access to the life-giving breast milk they need to survive. Every purchase of an Umi Sling supports moms in need in rural Papua New Guinea- how great is that?

Also a huge congrats to Umi Slings founder Megan on the arrival of her third daughter who arrived just 1 week before Alder.

P.S> Portland friends Umi Slings is local and you can find them in some local shops along with the mini slings for your littles.

Duck Walk

We are lucky to live within walking distance to a beautiful Portland park which is just getting more beautiful as they finish the renovations. It has always been our park of choice to go down and do a family walk, feed the ducks, avoid being attacked by the geese and play a little ball. Now that the boardwalk is open we have been really enjoying our walks and get down as a family 1-2x per week.

39w2dbabyno2 Last night we headed down for an after dinner walk and to feed the ducks. I won’t lie I was hoping the long walk loop would help an convince this baby to come out and join us but alas I am sitting on the couch 39w3d pregnant and s/he has still yet to join us Earth side. While we are anxious to meet baby #2 we have been really soaking up the moments as a family of three and have been a little more relaxed with Edith’s bedtime (which doesn’t always work in our advantage) and have been doing a lot more activities outside the house during the week than we would normally. Last night was one more of those beautiful moments together where we played, laughed and enjoyed the sunshine. Who knows maybe it will be our last Duck Walk as a family of three.

P.S. you can check out the YouTube video of our walk at the bottom of this post! 
39w2dpregbabyno2walk 39w2dpregbabyno2neilande 39w2dpregbabyno2smiles 39w2dpregno2upsidedowne 39w2dpregbabyno2neilandefeed 39w2dpregbabyno2efeed 39w2dpregbabyno2eanaylzebread 39w2dpregbabyno2crazyhair 39w2dpregno2withe

What is one of your favorite activities to do as a family?


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Summer Bucket List // Berry Picking

With a baby on the way and lots of other changes happening over here our summer bucket list this year is on the short side. For me one of the top items however was to get out and go berry picking. We had planned to do this opening weekend but we were unable to go Saturday and by Sunday u-pick farms weren’t allowing u-pick because opening day had been so popular.  Well our weekends after that got to be pretty busy so berry picking was put on the back burner and honestly until today I didn’t think we were actually going to be able to cross it off our list.

Edith Barista

Neil had the day off from work so we started our morning with breakfast, coffee and a trip to the park. Since it was such a beautiful day we weren’t ready to go home and thought about doing a few things when finally I suggested we see if Bella Organic was open. We did a little Googling and found that it was and headed right over to get our berry picking on.


We picked up a wagon, a few buckets and headed first to the blackberry and marion berry patch.  We had okay lucky but it was a little picked over and there were a lot of almost ripe but not ripe enough to pick berries.  After picking a few pounds we moved on to the blueberry patch which proved to be more successful. I have to say one of the biggest surprises was how amazing Edith did with picking. We showed her which berries to pick and 95% of the time she picked super ripe berries and she only snacked on maybe one or two- seriously impressed!

July4-EdithBlackberry July4-berrypickingback july4-edithblueberry

All the berry picking got me to thinking about Edith’s birthday party this Sunday (umm yeah someone turns two this coming Wednesday) and I have decided to make up some (hopefully) yummy berry shortcakes. Along with our blueberries, blackberries and marion berries we also picked up three pints of strawberries (we weren’t able to pick our own because the strawberry fields were closed to u-pickers).

We had an amazing time out in the sun, picking berries and I think this little berry muncher enjoyed herself.


Other things on our Summer Bucket List:

  • Hillsboro Hops Game (We have tickets for the last weekend in August!)
  • Ride the Portland Aerial tram
  • Thursday night music at Kruger Farms
  • Take Edith for a ride on the Oregon Pacific Railroad

How did you spend your 4th? What is on your summer bucket list?