Weekend Snapshots: The Sou’Wester, $5 5K & Edith v The Chickens

IMG_8940 IMG_8912 Sou'Wester- edith sit IMG_8710 IMG_8893 Sou'Wester- E & N Beach IMG_8957 IMG_8977 Astoria- Family IMG_9005 IMG_9011 IMG_9020 IMG_9034We spent our weekend running the roads and found ourselves in Seaview, WA at our favorite spot The Sou’Wester and then Sunday we were back in Portland for Neil’s 5k and then we headed up to Mississippi Avenue to visit the chickens.Ā  What did you do this weekend?Ā Check out more about our trip to The Sou’Wester over on Running With Tongs.


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