They Should Revoke My Library Card

Throwback to baby Edith and her books.

Throwback to baby Edith and her books.

I tell you this I have always been horrible when it comes to borrowing books from the library. I can’t even begin to tell you how much debt I have racked up in library fees but it’s not pretty. For a long time I just stopped taking books out from the library altogether but once Edith reached the age where she wanted to read books non-stop I thought let’s try this whole library thing again. Now I’m going to tell you that this was a terrible idea. I just returned three books today that were about 2 months overdue and I had received a restocking notice. I know that there are people reading this right now who are cursing me because they wanted to read Brownie & Pearl Go For Spin and we’ve been storing it the backseat of the car for months now. Side note who names their daughter Brownie and their cat Pearl? I mean seriously what’s next a book about a boy named Cookie and his dog named Frank? Anyways I finally returned the books today and I’ve decided to self-revoke my own library card.

That all being said I am trying to think of new ideas that doesn’t involve me going out to buy new to us books all the time because honestly I can only read about Sam and Pam going for ice cream* so many times before I’m ready to hide the book behind a cupboard we won’t move until the next time we move house. One idea I had is maybe doing a book swap. My idea would be to sign up to do the swap and then each person fills a medium or large flat rate box with books and mails it out and each person receives a new box of books. Thoughts? I also was thinking about participating in one of those book exchanges but honestly I find them to be super confusing so if someone can explain that whole thing to me maybe I’ll do that if no one else is interested in doing a swap. If you are interested in doing a book exchange let me know in the comments below.

Also please tell me that I’m not the only one who is terrible at returning library books. 

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Reading Wednesday // From Head to Toe by Eric Carle

I really dropped the ball the past two weeks when it comes to reading Wednesday. Here we are though another Wednesday and another book to share with all of you. Let me tell you this is a good one.

Lately we have been going to the library bi-weekly due to Neil’s work schedule and while there a few weeks back I found a list of recommended books for toddlers. Since finding this list I have been attempting to check 5-10 of them out per week for Edith to read and for me to evaluate their toddler friendliness.From Head to Toe cover

This week From Head to Toe by Eric Carle was available to check out and on the list so into our library bag it went. I actually didn’t read this book with Edith until this past weekend after Neil came out from bedtime books and was raving about how much he loved it. He was explaining to me how when he and Edith read it together they go through and do all the different movements and how interactive it is for her and how much fun she has so of course I had to read it with her.
From Head to Toe insideWe have been reading it at least once per day and most days twice now because Edith just loves it and well I really enjoy going through the book as well. I am also impressed by how quickly Edith picked up on all the movements and all the body parts as well. I didn’t even know that she knew where he shoulders were until we read this book together.

This is a great book for you and your toddler to read together and to learn various parts of the body as well as movements. This is on my top list of books for toddlers now. Have you read From Head to Toe by Eric Carle what do you think? 

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