They Should Revoke My Library Card

Throwback to baby Edith and her books.

Throwback to baby Edith and her books.

I tell you this I have always been horrible when it comes to borrowing books from the library. I can’t even begin to tell you how much debt I have racked up in library fees but it’s not pretty. For a long time I just stopped taking books out from the library altogether but once Edith reached the age where she wanted to read books non-stop I thought let’s try this whole library thing again. Now I’m going to tell you that this was a terrible idea. I just returned three books today that were about 2 months overdue and I had received a restocking notice. I know that there are people reading this right now who are cursing me because they wanted to read Brownie & Pearl Go For Spin and we’ve been storing it the backseat of the car for months now. Side note who names their daughter Brownie and their cat Pearl? I mean seriously what’s next a book about a boy named Cookie and his dog named Frank? Anyways I finally returned the books today and I’ve decided to self-revoke my own library card.

That all being said I am trying to think of new ideas that doesn’t involve me going out to buy new to us books all the time because honestly I can only read about Sam and Pam going for ice cream* so many times before I’m ready to hide the book behind a cupboard we won’t move until the next time we move house. One idea I had is maybe doing a book swap. My idea would be to sign up to do the swap and then each person fills a medium or large flat rate box with books and mails it out and each person receives a new box of books. Thoughts? I also was thinking about participating in one of those book exchanges but honestly I find them to be super confusing so if someone can explain that whole thing to me maybe I’ll do that if no one else is interested in doing a swap. If you are interested in doing a book exchange let me know in the comments below.

Also please tell me that I’m not the only one who is terrible at returning library books. 

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  1. Christina matekel

    I work at a library, and I alwaaaays have late fines! Haha. I feel you, though. I once didn’t go back to the library for three years because of fines, and I am a serious reader.
    A book swap sounds wonderful!

  2. Sarah

    I also work at a library and I return stuff late constantly 🙂 I’m waiting for Ace to get to the age where he doesn’t eat or tear his books apart before I’ll let him check stuff out, haha. It’s one thing for a book to be late, having to replace it gets expensive.

    • Ugh I need to pay a $66 bill eek like tomorrow haha. They were like coming in to pay it is easiest – I’m like ugh if I can’t be bothered to return my books why would you think I could be bothered to come pay my fine? haha.

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