Pregnancy Ups and Downs


  • Water spots.  It seems this week that someone at work has enjoyed leaving a watery mess on the sink, allowing the water to drip off the edge.  Now that my belly is so huge, I have to lean in a little further to reach the knobs which has resulted in a watery mess all over the front of my shirt. Tip: If you spill water all over the counter make sure you wipe it up!
  • Lack of food options.  We found out this week that although the food is supposed to be good at the hospital/birth center, that unfortunately the vegan options are limited.  Anyone else experience this issue? Also unfortunately the town is really small and the take-out options are just as limited. I guess we will have to plan on bringing meals with us!


  • Laundry done.  We finished (almost) all of the baby laundry including sheets, baby carriers, and other baby gear.
  • Touring. We were FINALLY able to tour the birth center! We have been trying to find time for the past two months to tour the birth center. However, between our busy schedules, the distance away from the birth center (we’re 75 minutes away) and then how busy the birth center has been lately we haven’t been able to tour.  On Friday, we had our 36 week appointment and so I called in the morning to see if we could tour before our appointment and they finally said yes! We were so excited and we’ll tell you more about the birth center in a later post.


  1. The birthing center we toured had a fridge in each sweet stocked full of the weirdest unhealthy food ever! Not a single thing was vegan, I was shocked! I figured since they were more of a natural route they would care a bit more about healthy food too, but I guess not! (Things like chicken pot pies, tv dinner style food – all with meat, soda and candy) so weird! This is one of the reasons I was turned off by the place.

  2. My FIL was recently diagnosed with cancer. The hospital has very few vegan options, which I find incredibly sad for a so-called healthcare facility. And the rehab center that he’s currently staying at? The chefs have no idea what a vegan is. “Salad? Sure! We’ll put cheese on that.”

    • Yeah there are some vegan options pasta with two different types of sauces and lots of veggies, salad and veggie sandwiches. They also have soy milk for cereal and such and a few vegan sides but there are now vegan proteins. I think we will bring some tofurky slices to put on sandwiches, chickpeas to put on salads and with the pasta and almond butter for toast. We are going to make it work.

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