1. Emma

    Amazing! My top 2 baby names for when I get pregnant are on that list! So excited to see what you name baby 🙂

  2. I have had a list of names since I was in Jr. High – I’ve been adding and subtracting names along the way, I just didn’t want to forget any really good ones if the time ever came. Well once we found out we were expecting I went over all of the names, and not a single one seemed good enough to name our child. We wiped the slate clean. We debated for several weeks, and had some good girl names but not a single boy name. Luckily turns out we are having a girl, so that didn’t really matter. One day my husband just threw out a name and I said “That’s it!” – that was at 20 week and we are 100% set on it. Now we are really really struggling with a middle name. Didn’t think the middle name would be the hard one.

    Love your names though! I’m a big fan of Edie, Astrid, Declan and Oliver! I met a little girl the other day named Declan, it’s really cute for a girl too!

    • I would have never thought of Declan for a girl but it works!

      Neil and I had a number of names that we had considered before we got pregnant but I don’t think any of them ended up making our list!

      We had such a hard time settling on a girls name for some reason and at times we both find ourselves considering another name but we seem to keep going back to one that we have now decide is “the name”. The middle name for a girl was super easy to decide but ended up being the reason why a number of names were eliminated because they just didn’t flow right together.

      As for a boy we liked so many but our final choice just stood right out to us especially with the middle name.

      I can’t wait for this baby to arrive so we can find out if it is a he or she and can reveal our name choices!

  3. What a beautiful list of names! I like them all! I don’t have a child, but I’m one of those people who already have names picked out- all have family significance. Looking forward to learning which name you choose!

  4. I’ve had a list of names I love for years, but I ended up marrying a sexy Latin man, which has changed things a lot. We are currently TTC and have a full boy’s name and a girl’s first name but can’t decide on her middle name at all. Of course, we’ll see how things change when I finally get pregnant. Can’t wait to see what names you have chosen!

    • I love latin names- lucky you! I have a whole list of latin names I love however I don’t think that Neil and I with our combined British/Irish/Scottish/French/Canadian/Scandinavian heritage could pull one off haha. Good luck to you!

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