Pregnancy Ups and Downs

Pregnancy Ups

  • Date night at home. Sunday night Neil and I enjoyed a date night at home.  It was one of those date nights where it took us hours to prepare dinner and we spent time in the kitchen cooking together.  Neil prepared a batch of bread and made homemade burger buns.  He also prepped potatoes to make The Pioneer Woman’s Perfect French Fries.  I fried up the french fries, prepped burger toppings and cooked up our veggie burgers. Then we sat down to enjoy them together and watched Young Adult. We had no computers, no distractions and hours of time together just talking and cooking.  I spent the night trying to soak it all in knowing that this would probably be one of the last times for many years that just the two of us would be able to do something like this, however it also made me excited to share nights like these one day with our child.
  • Diapering. I finished washing all of our cloth diapers and pre-folds, which unfortunately have to be washed at least three times.  I am looking forward to stuffing diapers tonight and getting them all ready for our little one’s arrival!

Pregnancy Downs

  • Uncomfortable. Unfortunately it has been ridiculously hot and humid here lately which is making me really uncomfortable.  The other night our bedroom was so hot and humid I slept on the couch until that got uncomfortable and then I slept for a little while on the floor in front of the A/C before finally heading to bed.  I am so glad that it is finally cooling down a bit.
  • Never Ending To Do List. You know you’re nesting when….your to do list is four pages long. Okay so they are small pages but still it’s a mile long and although we crossed off a number of items this weekend there is still so much to do.

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