Our Weekend in Numbers

I’m currently trying to recover from a single parenting weekend so here is a highlight of Edith and my weekend in numbers:

Naps: 6 <—crazy!
Hours of sleep: 14 (My sleep between Friday, Saturday & Sunday)
Cups of coffee: 4
Showers: 3 (Friday, Saturday AND Sunday)
Baths Given: 1
Workouts: 2
Break downs (mine): 3
Diapers changed: 40 (or so)
Hours nursing: too many to count
Episodes of Gilmore Girls: 20
Photos Taken: 380


  1. Great job on making it through the weekend! My daughter is 7 weeks, and though I do fine being home with her all day, it is SUCH a relief when my husband comes home from work and can take her for a little while. Being able to pump a bottle and have him take care of her for a few hours on the weekend while I escape to the gym and run errands is essential to my sanity. I love my daughter to pieces, but everyone needs some personal space now and then. I’m amazed that you pulled through on only 4 cups of coffee!

    Also, I love Edie’s little bow! 😀

    • There were definitely times that I thought I wasn’t going to make it through the weekend and almost called and begged Neil to rent a car and drive right home but when I was feeling overwhelmed I put Edie in her crib walked away and took a few deep breaths and calmed myself down. It was a challenge and she was abnormally fussy all weekend which I really wasn’t prepared for, luckily my dear friend Laura came over on Sunday and helped out around the house which was amazing.

      I would have had more coffee had I had the time or the free hands!

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