FFF: Wittlebee Box

Monday I almost squealed with delight when I opened the door and found our first Wittlebee Box sitting on our doorstep.

I was ready to break into it right away but of course we were just coming back from a walk and Edith was fussing and ready to eat. So I brought the box inside and then fed and burped Edith before I could finally open up our box.

When we signed up for Wittlebee Box I first filled out a survey of what we were looking for including clothing items we needed, size, color, and design. We decided to go with 3-6 month clothing even though Edith is just now fitting into her 0-3 month. We also chose pastels for colors and our desired items were onesies, dresses, long sleeve tops, headbands and socks.

So what did we receive…



We really like everything that was in our box and I can’t wait until E fits into everything. We were actually pretty skeptical about what we would receive and did the first box as a trial and it passed with flying colors! Amazing clothes for $39.99 per month, a great deal considering that just the Tea Collection items alone would set you back $42.

I have been reading poor reviews number of other sites of Wittlebee but our experience so far has been positive.

Disclaimer: We purchased the Wittlebee Box with our own money however we did receive a discount by using a coupon code provided on Prudent Baby. All thoughts and opinions are our own.


  1. Yours is definitely one of the nicest overall boxes I’ve seen! I just got my first box today and it’s like 50/50. What brand is the yellow one-piece? I think I will have to request it for my next box!

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