1. […] Baby Gear 0-3 Months: Clothes, Sleeping, Nursery & Diapering: I thought I might do a follow up to my Most Used Registry Items post over on the Ergo Baby Blog. In this post I go beyond the registry and talk about the things that we felt we really needed, the items that we liked but were necessities (take it or leave it) and the things that were unnecessary for us. Since I have so much to say this is going to be (at least) a two part post.  In this first post we will discuss clothes, sleeping, the nursery and diapering. […]

  2. When my daughter was born, I used disposable diapers. I wish I would have been able to do cloth now as I look back. My nursery was a Glenna Jean theme and it was beautiful. I love their baby bedding! I like your other tips, great post!

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