The Amazing BOB

Disclaimer: This post is NOT sponsored.  We purchased our own BOB and are just lovers of it so I am sharing our experience here.

Buying a stroller is like buying a car. There are luxury to inexpensive strollers, strollers for the city, for quick use and those for jogging/running. On top of all that you have different colors to choose from and then of course you have to test drive them. Is your head spinning yet? I know ours were when we were trying to choose the right stroller for us.

I longed for one of those beautiful bassinet style strollers, you know the ones that go for $600-1,200, but of course that was not even remotely in our price range.  So we had to sit down and really layout our wants and needs.


  • Smooth ride/push
  • Has infant carseat adapter capability
  • Longevity
  • Safe
  • $450 or less


  • Jogger

So we didn’t need a jogger and honestly $450 was so much more than we wanted to spend but in the end after researching and researching strollers we decided to order the BOB Revolution SE.  We ordered it off of Amazon and lucked out that it was $379 rather than the $450+ (however I just checked and it’s only $313 on Amazon right now).

We chose this stroller because after reading about a million recommendations from bloggers and friends we decided it was amazing and just what we needed.  So it is a jogging stroller that as the infant  carseat adapter (you have to buy separately) and we will be able to use it until Edith is 70lbs (so a really long time).  So it’s not so fancy and it isn’t the cutest stroller but it has the best ride/drive and it is super safe.

You can start using it without the infant adapter at 8 weeks, but honestly we didn’t start until she was closer to 15 weeks because Edith was so tiny and honestly because I love watching her while I push her around and I can’t do that when she is sitting in the seat.

You can start running when your child is 8 months (used to be 6) but honestly I started when Edith was around 12 weeks, when her neck control was at a good place.  Also I have ONLY ever run with her in her carseat and still do often.  I’ll make a note that I am not up to my normal fast  (cough cough) speed of a 12 minute mile so I feel comfortable running with her since I usually do run walk and do around a 15 minute mile with the stroller.

The only downside with this stroller that it is so big but at least it is easy to fold up and Edith loves it as well.

Bonus it makes a great place for Edith to sit while I cook!

Tip: Buy the handle bar console! We use it everytime we go out and I don’t know what I would do without it.


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