Christmas Gifts: New Mom

New Mom

1. The MILF Diet is not out yet but it will be shortly.  I know the name is kind of off putting but the recipes inside are so delicious it is a wonderful recipe book and once you get pass the name the content and recipes are so good.

2. Bluum Box- I started purchasing this box a few months ago and I am loving it. The box has items for both mom and baby and all of the boxes that I have received have had items that I am super impressed with.

3. An e-reader (I recommend the Kindle). It is perfect for nursing because you can hold it with one hand and if you do as much nursing as I do you need something to occupy the time.

4. Books to read on the e-reader.  I absolutely loved Mindy Kailing’s book; it was hilarious and relate-able. I also loved that this book is made up of short stories which is perfect when you are nursing.

5. Snoogle- This is really more for the mom-to-be but I also loved it the first few weeks after Edith’s birth during my recovery period.  I would have continued to use it as well but we did a lot of bed sharing during the first few months of Edith’s life and it got in the way (also Neil hated it- unless of course he was using it).

Disclaimer: This post was NOT sponsored. These are all items that I use regularly at home and I think they would make wonderful gifts.

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