X-Mas Scenes

We have had a busy past three days with family Christmas festivities on the 23rd, Christmas Eve festivities on the 24th and a full day of Christmas festivities on the 25th. Edith has done pretty well the entire time considering all of the craziness of being around so many people, sights and scenes. Unfortunately however she seems to be a bit cranky (growth spurt related I am guessing) and is going through a rough teething patch as well.IMG_3727

It took us from 7am-4pm to actually open our stockings and gifts since we took breaks to eat, nurse and nap. By about noon however Edith had, had enough and was pretty fussy so after enjoying a tasty dinner Edith and I retreated to the bedroom to nurse and then invited Neil in to join us for a little family play/cuddle time in bed. I think we all really needed a break to just be the three of us.

Overall things went really well with Edith’s first Christmas. She loved the wrapping paper and the boxes. It was a long three days for all of us though so I am ready to sit back and relax.







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