Baby Paper

Recently Edith has really taken a liking to paper, especially napkins.  If she sees one she instantly grabs at it and then proceeds to try and eat it.  While this is cute (at first) once the paper is in her mouth she begins to try to bite gum off pieces and ends up with a mouth full of paper.  Then it turns into me battling to fish the paper out of her mouth and her screaming.

Well Christmas Eve Neil solved the problem when he came across Baby Paper at a local bookshop.  Baby Paper is made of a soft material that has a crinkly sound when it is touched (or eaten).  Edith absolutely loves it! Now it doesn’t totally solve the problem because E still loves her paper but it makes an easy swap without screaming or fussing. Best part is I don’t have to fish paper out of E’s mouth (as often) anymore! Baby Paper

Does your baby love paper?

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