Munchkin Meals: 6 Months

Edith is finally old enough to participate in Munchkin Meals! I will be doing a post more on introducing solids and our method but for now I’ll just say we are doing a combo of pureed and baby led solids.

When we first started solids we were doing mostly just purees and to my surprise Edith LOVED them right from the start (except butternut squash and brown rice cereal that is). Now was she gets a bit older she is really loving having finger foods and just this week really started to learn how to feed herself.  She still likes to eat purees but now prefers the packets over us spoon feeding her all the time.

As for meals we are just starting to really have breakfast, lunch and dinner, Edith is still nursing (a lot) so that is her primary food source for now.  Around 8am I offer her a puree packet which she sometimes gobbles up but mostly just has a few slurps and gets bored with it. Then somewhere between 11:30-12:30 we sit down and have lunch together.  Her lunch usually consists of a puree and a veggie (peas, broccoli, sweet potato) and dinner (around 6pm) is more of the same as lunch.








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