Free Friday At The Children’s Museum

The first Friday of every month The Portland Children’s Museum has a free evening for families to enjoy what the museum has to offer. We decided to get out of the house and take advantage of the free evening, even though Edith is a little young to appreciate the museum. We arrived and were greeted chaos. To say we were a little overwhelmed by the mass of families with busy little children running all around is an understatement.  We took a stroll around the museum, trying to orient ourselves, eventually searching out the baby room and making a beeline to it as soon as we found it.


PDXChildrens12  PDXChildrens8


Although there are many fun activities at the museum such as the water room, the play cafe/market and forest, among other things they were all a little too old and too packed for us.  The baby room on the other hand only had a few families in it and was much calmer. We played there for a bit with Edith and talked with a few other families.  Overall we had a wonderful time there as a family, however I’m not sure I would go to another free Friday night until Edith is a bit more mobile.

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