When I’m A Parent….

I will never put my child in a cage…


and then we bought a cage.

Okay so it’s not really a cage it is a play yard that we lovingly call “The Cage” and it has become totally necessary. Over the past few weeks Edith has become more mobile ie. crawling and climbing. Oh, and did I mention putting everything in her mouth (still) and because of this I couldn’t get anything done.

We needed a safe place to put Edith for short periods of time so we tried putting her in the pack n’ play and it works fine for about 10 minutes once per day and that just wasn’t cutting it so we decided to pull out the big guns and completely let go of the “no gated area” notion we had idealized and bought a large play area.


Once I finally Neil finally figured out how to put it together we placed it in the dining room/living room and put down Edith’s playmat and added toys and books and dropped gently placed her in. Instantly she was in love especially with the fact she could pull herself up and stand and babble at me while I do work or dishes or fold laundry.

Just another lesson that while we have grand ideas before baby arrives it’s a whole other ball game when they actually do arrive.

What are your “When I’m A Parent” moments?

P.S This is the “cage” we bought (affiliate link)

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