Munchkin Meals: 8 Months

Wow this month went by incredibly fast! I know that I still owe you a follow up post on our approach to solids but we have been busy playing at the coast and well I can’t seem to find my baby led weaning book where I have a ton of notes about things I want to include. I wonder if Edith hid it somewhere like she hid our second set of car keys in the recycling (note to self don’t let the baby play with your car keys.) Anyways lets take a look at what Edith has been eating this month!

We did experience our first solids protest this month right around the start of March when Edith was sick and teething (still no teeth though).  It lasted a few days but I just kept offering her food at meal times and eventually she went back to her normal  eating habits.

Edith basically eats what we eat minus the salt and too much spice (except for that one time I unknowingly gave her guacamole with jalapenos in it).  Here are a few examples:


  • Toast with coconut oil and fruit
  • Oats with cinnamon and banana
  • Banana and/or mango


  • Hummus and steamed veggies with avocado, olive oil or coconut oil
  • Beans or lentils with avocado, olive oil or coconut oil and veggies
  • Gluten Free Pasta with veggies and olive oil


  • Lentil soup with veggies and quinoa
  • Roasted sweet potato, steamed veggies and avocado
  • Beans, kale salad and brown rice


  • Fruit
  • Veggie Puffs
  • Fruit and Veggie puree packets

Her current favorite foods are: avocado, hummus and banana.




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    • Yeah she had a little freak out – I had no idea at first that there was jalapeno in the guacamole. who put large chunks of jalapeno in guacamole!

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